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A summer in France: decorating tips for your holiday home

This year, your summer will be French or not. If you're lucky enough to have a holiday home or a family home, this is the perfect opportunity to revamp the decor or plan some minor renovations. And for those of you spending the summer at home, don't hesitate to follow this guide for an unforgettable staycation.

Clean slate

If you've read our recent article, you're now pros at the KonMari method. I promise you won't regret starting your vacation with another big spring cleaning. And with a little luck, it will go faster than at home. But be careful not to leave with a trunk full of everything you didn't manage to throw away in your main residence. So yes, your comics, puzzles and other board games have their place in the country, but don't forget the golden rule: you only keep what brings you joy.

Less is more

Sorted, your home is ready for a summer makeover. Our number one tip: keep it simple. You won't have the desire or the means to redecorate every summer, so opt for timeless colours and simple but elegant furniture. You can add pops of colour and accessories, of course, but avoid painting your entire house neon yellow - you may like it this year, but tastes change quickly. And there's nothing like white walls to expand the space, catch the light and make your home feel fresh.

Don't hesitate to get rid of your carpets (you won't want to vacuum every day) and even your curtains in the main rooms if you have a nice view in front of your house.

This dear country, which is mine

Your house may be by the sea or in the heart of a medieval village: in any case, don't hesitate to draw inspiration from local traditions when decorating. This is especially true if you plan to rent out your holiday home: your guests will be delighted to find details that pay tribute to the region.

If you're near the sea, for example, choose white furniture with touches of blue in the décor or on the walls (and forget about the pictures of Bigouden people in every room). Or display a piece of art by a local artist if you're lucky enough to live near a local Picasso.

New with old

One of the many pleasures of a holiday in France is to wander around flea markets, brocantes and other yard sales for hours on end. In the middle of summer, even the smallest village offers at least one opportunity to unearth forgotten treasures. And you can take the opportunity to sell your own old stuff. Of course, be careful not to go home with a trunk full of useless accessories - just because it costs a euro doesn't mean it's a bargain. To avoid this, ask yourself what Marie Kondo would think (a tried and tested method).

Another easy way to recycle is to invest in new quality fabrics. And it works at home if you're not going on vacation this year. Instead of replacing a couch or armchair you no longer love, cover it with a beautiful, colourful fabric. Don't be afraid to change the layout of the rooms, too. It may sound simple, but there's nothing like a big furniture shake-up to make you feel like you've moved.

Exterior day

If your house (or apartment) has a balcony or garden, that's where all your efforts should be focused. Even if your house is not in the heart of Provence (we love Normandy), you will inevitably have days of good weather and want to spend as much time as possible outside. Make the most of the light with pretty garlands and don't hesitate to take out your old furniture to use it as a china cabinet: a coat of waterproofing paint and you'll have a place to store your wine glasses and bottles.

And if you don't have an outdoor space, opt for a stylish hammock chair made of wood, cotton and macramé for an elegant Dolce Vita style decoration (it also works for your city apartments).

The bedroom, of course

Between naps and lie-ins, your bedroom will become your best friend.

Don't hesitate to invest in a quality mattress and ultra-comfortable pillows: your eventual guests will appreciate it and it will avoid you leaving with your pillows in your suitcase.

When it comes to bed linen, nothing beats the elegance of washed linen and its thermoregulatory properties, ideal in all seasons and perfect for hot summer nights. And what's more, it looks good unironed. Because you'll probably have other things to do.