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matière linge de lit

TEST: Take our test to choose the material of your bed linen!

To fall asleep in an instant and wake up refreshed, quality sheets make all the difference. But the material is also important. Feelings to the touch, atmosphere of the room, season... These few questions are here to help you choose between percale, satin and linen. We let you do the test, and tell us what your favourite sheets are made of.

The word that makes you think of your bedroom:

☾ Escape. You travel the world there, in thoughts and dreams.
❍ Your worries stay at the door, your batteries recharge there, and you start each day a little better than the day before.
★ Pleasure. The feel of your sheets, the light softened by the curtains, the smell of the scented candle... Sleeping well is also about the senses.

The sensation that your skin prefers:

☾ The wind that is barely cooler than the surrounding air, when it brushes against it as it passes.
❍ The softness of a loved one's skin (or your own, that counts too).
★ The perfect temperature of water, taking all the stresses of the day with it.

In your room in the summer, it's :

☾ Good, provided you room with your duvet. You'll find it rested when you get back to school.
❍ Never more than 18°C. Air conditioning doesn't just exist in hotels.
★ Hot, too hot. And if only it were only in summer...

On your bedside table is:

☾ Your smartphone. Not always turned off at night.
❍ The 5, 6, 7 books you're sure to finish one day.
★ An aloe vera, to replenish your oxygen while you sleep.

If you could sleep anywhere tonight, you would choose :

☾ The Queen's Pavilion, the Maison Bréguet, and all the other boutique hotels in Paris. Oh, it's only for one night?
❍ La belle étoile. Or a cabin in the wilderness, but that's almost the same thing, right?
★ Nowhere else but in your bed. That's where you spend your best nights.


Majority of ☾

We suggest you try our cotton percale, timeless with its matte finish and cool to the touch. We have woven it from the longest cotton fibers to give you remarkably soft sheets. This lightweight, easy-to-live-with material makes for great bedding to sleep in in any season. discover our Percale collection

Majority of ❍

Our satin should please you. A cotton thread of an exceptional quality, woven with care, it gives a material as silky as elegant. You can recognize satin by its touch and by its discreet reflections. And when you sleep in it, you feel like you're in a hotel. A little thicker than our percale, it is also a little warmer. discover our Satin collection

Majority of ★

Would you like to sleep in linen sheets, grown in France? Ours is washed to make it softer and more supple. The more you sleep in it, the more you wrinkle it, the more beautiful it becomes. Its thermo-regulating fibres let our skin breathe and keep our body at the right temperature, even in summer. discover our washed linen collection