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photo article tendance déco 2021 : maison et objets

Decoration trends 2021 : Home and Objects

It is the decoration and design event of the new school year: twice a year (in January and September), the Maison&Objet trade show brings together all the players in the sector to discuss the new 2021 decoration trends and discover the most beautiful decorative objects thought up by designers from all over the world. Due to Covid, the September 2020 edition has been replaced by a 100% digital Design Fair. 

What's on the agenda? Digital Talks bringing together the best creators, designers, trend agencies, decorators, architects... to decipher new trends through conferences, podcasts or other online interviews. And Showrooms where exhibitors were able to create virtual exhibitions showcasing their creations and new products. The good news is that the Digital Talks are all available in replay on the MOM platform and the Showrooms are still online. A look back at the trends that marked this rather special edition of the Design Fair. 


This year, our interior has become a true refuge and our relationship with intimacy has been deeply marked by confinement. Designers have also placed these issues at the heart of their preoccupations and creative approach. Slow living is at the rendezvous with the same watchword on everyone's lips: simplicity. In a fascinating discussion entitled WHAT'S NEW: CREATIVE DEVELOPMENTS, François Bernard "praises simplicity in everyday life". This trend expert looks back at our new relationship to design and our home with what he calls "Modernastic" or "modernity with a sense of cleanliness and de-cluttering". This quest for simplicity is reflected in rooms that combine comfortable materials and minimalist lines, often in natural, light colours. What matters: the essential. 


This is not new, but the Covid will have confirmed the trend: design is becoming more and more responsible, and local creation and craftsmanship have never been so much in evidence. The pieces are rooted in tradition and the materials are raw to underline the hand of the artist (or craftsman) in the manufacture of new objects of our everyday life. In this same conference, François Delclaux evokes the "new traditional" where the choice of the ultra-local is anchored in a global approach that "defines a new cultural and heritage ethic that places the terroir, the craftsman, the local know-how, its traditions, as well as the material at the centre of the production of the object. "Sustainable development and environmental concerns are closely intertwined with these considerations. This new approach is taking shape in SUSTAINABLE hand-woven MATERIALS, rustic pieces, patterns, and simple, geometric shapes. 


Already present at the Maison&Objet trade show in January, the trend feel good is today omnipresent in the creations of designers. The do-it-yourself and other "hygge" rhythm our daily life since the month of March: the house is a refuge where we must feel good. To face this period of doubt and the approach of winter, the designers propose comforting rooms and adopt natural materials (such as wood, wool or ceramics). Gone are the days of a design that focused on form above all, furniture is now designed to be as welcoming as possible thanks to enveloping shapes and soft materials. In terms of decoration, we opt for soothing and luminous colours (between mineral and ochre shades), playful elements and patterns that leave room for creativity. A few grams of softness...