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Guide taies d’oreiller en soie : Comment prendre soin de sa taie en soie ?

Silk pillowcase guide : How to take care of your silk pillowcase ?

That's it! You have decided to buy a beautiful silk pillowcase from La Chambre Paris. Silk being a delicate and sensitive material, you are anxious to take care of it in order to optimize its lifespan. To help you, here is some advice in order not to make any mistake during the maintenance of your silk, from washing to drying.

Why take care of silk? Does silk need special attention?

Like cashmere and wool, silk requires special care when it comes to washing. You are probably wondering why? Simply because the fibers of this material are extremely fragile, and could be damaged at the slightest fatal misstep! And since silk has many benefits for hair, skin, and the body in general, you could well see those benefits vanish if you don't take good care of your silk item. On the contrary, if special attention is paid to your silk pillowcase, it will have many benefits on the hydration of your skin, the growth of your hair, the absence of spikes when you wake up, the slowing down of the appearance of wrinkles, and many others that you will find within a new article...

How to take care of silk ? Step one: wash silk - hand wash vs. machine wash

The washing stage is a crucial step and several steps must be respected in order to preserve the virtues of your silk. We advise you to place your pillowcase inside a laundry net and to use an adapted detergent. Indeed, some detergents can be too aggressive for the delicacy of silk, that's why we recommend you to use a liquid detergent without bleaching agents. There are detergents specially designed for delicate fabrics: they are ph-neutral and do not contain enzymes or bleaching agents.
If you wash it in the washing machine, turn on the washing machine (make sure it is set on the delicate cycle with cold water). For particularly delicate pillowcases, you may want to stop the machine before the spin cycle, which can cause wrinkling and creasing.
If you wash it by hand, use only cold water. Go easy on it, without wringing or spinning. Silk fabric is strong when dry, but much more fragile when the fibers are wet.

Step Two: Drying your silk pillowcases

Silk and high temperatures are not compatible. The best way to dry your pillowcase is on a flat surface (such as your bed), away from direct heat and sunlight. We advise you not to use a clothespin. Pillowcases can take up to a full day to dry completely.

Step Three: Iron your silk pillowcases

If you wish, you can iron your silk pillowcases to give them a shine, and also to remove wrinkles. For this, we advise you to carry out the ironing when the pillowcase(s) is (are) still wet.
Caution! It is forbidden to use steam irons or to moisten the pillowcases if they are already dry. We also encourage you to use the "silk" mode on your iron. If you do not have this mode on your iron, aim for a low temperature to avoid damaging the fibers of the product. Note that for a safe ironing, your pillowcase must be ironed inside out!

Here is a summary of the do's and don'ts when caring for your silk bedding:

  • Use a hypoallergenic, pH-neutral detergent. Do not use washing powder!
  • Put the silk item in a laundry net, or in a cotton pillowcase. Wash separately at 30°C on a delicate program or by hand in warm water without soaking or rubbing. You can add a few drops of white vinegar to bring out the shine of your pillowcase.
  • Don't : spray perfume on it, use the dryer, wring out the silk.
  • Iron the pillowcase inside out on the "silk" program of your iron while it is still damp
  • Don't : re-moisten the pillowcase when it is dry, use a steam iron
  • Don't : use bleach, bleach, dye, or whitener.
  • Dry the pillowcase flat on a dry towel.
  • Don't : place it on a direct heat source / hang it with clothes pins. 
  • Do this washing process once or twice a month. 

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