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photo article séries netflix rentrée

The new Netflix series that will keep us up at night this fall

We have a confidence to tell you. We know about the blue light but we don't always resist the call of a good show either.

comment rester calme

How can you stay calm when nothing and nobody around you is calm?

Is stress good for us? At first glance, Elizabeth Kirby's research suggests that the answer is yes. This psychology researcher observed that exposure to stress would encourage the production of new neurons in the brai...

photo article la nuit porte conseil

Does the night really bring advice?

The expression has been around since the dawn of time. It would be enough to turn off the light and close your eyes to find the answer to the dilemmas, the direction to take, the idea of the century. Or simply incr...

photo article rangement chambre

Minimalist or Marie Kondo? We tested the 2 most popular ways to tidy our room

For his room, his house, his head, his life maybe? The benefits of storage are well proven. Because there are as many methods as there are photos in the memory of our smartphones, we have devoted ourselves to doing...

conseil pour la rentrée

Our advice for a smooth start to the new school year.

Looking forward to it, but not too much either. The start of the school year is a concentration of opposing emotions, reunions, new things and lots of things to do. For children too...

Lutter contre le jetlag

Our anti jet lag guide

How many are we in the air? 4.3 billion(1). The number of passengers who flew in 2018. Air traffic is constantly increasing and more and more travellers are experiencing jet lag...

comment se lever tot

Getting up (earlier) is possible, here's how.

Getting up early every day without too much effort and thinking that if you had known, you would have tried long before. The good news? It is possible to adopt a new rhythm when you wake up, as long as you prepare ...