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photo article camille vidal, maison wellness, mindful drinking

Mindful Drinking: Meeting with Camille Vidal, from La Maison Wellness

My name is Camille, I live in London and I launched La Maison Wellness, a platform that inspires people to drink better and live better.

Comment se débarrasser des taches faites par nos animaux ?

Household guide: How to get rid of stains made by our pets?

Our four-legged friends... We love them! But when they get into mischief, it's hard to make up for it. How about some tips on how to get urine off your mattresses and laundry?

photo article remède naturel insomnie

Natural remedies for insomnia

An overview of the best natural tips to put an end to insomnia and face the new school year in top form.

photo article routine beauté atelier green nathalie dendura

Beauty and wellness routines: a summer with Nathalie Dendura from Atelier green

On her logbook, Atelier Green, Nathalie Dendura talks about natural beauty, DIY and ethical fashion. Meet her.

photo article Comment interpréter rêves

How (and why) to interpret your dreams?

As you may have noticed, our dreams have never been as intense as they are during confinement. While life slowly returns to normal, our dreams continue to play an essential role in our nights and can tell us ...

photo article que faire à la maison

What to do at home for a long weekend? Our version of "Do as you please" (confined version)

Don't know what to do at home during the long weekends in May 2020? We have put together a special programme for you and your family.

photo article routine et stress

The upside of stress-busting routines, even if you feel like giving yours up

Someday you'll get tired of drinking lukewarm lemon water when you wake up. That's the day you're gonna have to hold on to it. The day to prove to yourself that you're stronger than laziness, boredom and addiction ...

photo article Interview de Laetitia Renevier Billie Blanket

Interview with Laetitia Renevier, Billie Blanket

Who are you? I'm Laetitia, a journalist with a passion for decoration and founder of Billie Blanket. I am married and have 3 children aged 17, 15 and 5. What do you do?

photo article résolutions pour mieux dormir

12 Resolutions for Better Sleep this Year

Sleep better in 2020? A very good resolution. Very ambitious too. To get there, we came up with an idea: choose a different resolution to test each month. That's enough to know if it really does us good. And more real...