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draps en lin

Linen sheets: sophistication, comfort and respect for the environment. What more could you ask for?

Linen has a timeless charm and simple elegance that makes it an ideal material for our sheets.

photo article geste écologique quotidien

6 ecological gestures to make your daily life greener

What if, among the good resolutions for 2020, we took the one to make our daily life greener? Usually, we don't know where to start, but sometimes changing a few habits is enough to do a lot of good for the planet....

photo article linge de lit made in france

Bed linen made in France? Or made in Portugal? We explain our choice!

Taking care of the planet is a given at La Chambre. And producing locally contributes greatly to reducing our carbon footprint. However, our partner factory is located in Portugal and not in France. And we are proud o...

photo article textile durable

Bed linen made from sustainable textiles? Yes, it exists

Sleeping on both ears, finding resistant sheets so as not to change them too often (well, not to buy new ones), consuming in a more responsible way...

photo article dormir dans le bruit

Sleeping well in the noise

What if the cause of our insomnia was obvious? As obvious as the lives of our neighbors, whose conversations cross the walls at all hours of the day or night, and from which it is difficult to ignore?

cadeau pour mieux dormir

6 gifts for a better sleep

At the top of their list, they asked for two weeks of hibernation? Not easy to pull off. But this untraceable gift put us on to something...


The number of threads per cm2

After the colour and the material, this is the criteria we take into account to know if our sheets will live up to our dreams...

photo article rituel du coucher

Bedtime ritual: 10 ideas for creating your own.

Do you want to get better prepared for sleep, do yourself some good or change your habits a little? We have selected 10 gestures to practice at nightfall.

photo article entretien linge de lit

Maintenance of bed linen

We would like our sheets and bed linen to remain as beautiful as the first night we shared with them. So we do the right things to keep them clean. And we test our homemade laundry recipe, which is as gentle on the...