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photo article comment mettre une housse de couette seul

How to put on a duvet cover, even alone?

If we love to fall asleep in freshly washed sheets, we like to change them a lot less. However, one can't go without the other, so we've selected two methods for putting on a duvet cover in 5 minutes or ...

Comment se débarrasser des punaises de lit ?

How to get rid of bed bugs?

Bed bugs... Small but nightmarish for our mattresses and bed! Often nestled in our bedrooms, where they feel most comfortable, these little beasts can be a major concern once they've settled in. What about talking abo...

photo article la petite chambre

How to choose your new La Petite Chambre bed set

As you may know, La Chambre has just launched a new collection of bed linen for children: the Petite Chambre. Discover today our little guide to help you choose the ideal set for your child!

Dernier changement d'heure : nos conseils pour s'y préparer

Latest time change: our tips for getting ready

Come on, only one more time! This Saturday, we're switching to daylight saving time one last time and gaining an hour of sleep in the process. So yes, it's going to get darker earlier (and it's not going to get any be...


How to help your child sleep

After giving you tips on how to fight insomnia with our natural remedies, today we wanted to address an equally essential topic: the sleep of the little ones.

photo article bien faire la sieste

How to have a good nap on holiday?

Napping has proven benefits for memory, stress and concentration. Discover our simple tips for napping on holiday without losing sleep after dark.

photo article chambres d'hôte de charme

Our selection of charming guest houses in France

To end the summer in beauty or to escape to the autumn, discover our selection of the most beautiful guest rooms in France.

photo article lessive diy à faire soi même

DIY laundry: How to do your own laundry?

After learning how to make bread, baking countless cakes and trying to grow tomatoes, you may be looking for your next DYI challenge. It's a good thing we wanted to try doing our own laundry for a change and becaus...

photo article ménage Marie Kondo

Spring cleaning a la Marie Kondo

After these confined months, your house (or apartment) is surely in need of a big spring cleaning. And who better than Marie Kondo, the famous Japanese expert, to help us clear the air?