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Guide taies d’oreiller en soie : Comment prendre soin de sa taie en soie ?

Silk pillowcase guide : How to take care of your silk pillowcase ?

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase... The dream! But to keep it for a long time, and maximize its benefits, it is better to know how to clean it! Here are some tips on how to take care of your silk pillowcase.

Toux nocturnes : Comment calmer la toux la nuit

Nocturnal coughs : How to soothe a cough at night

It's hard to fall asleep when your throat is acting up... And when this happens, whether the cough is dry or oily, it's hard to enjoy a restful night. Here are a few explanations and ti...

La nouvelle lune et la pleine lune : Leurs effets sur le sommeil

The new moon and the full moon: Their effects on sleep

Central subjects of many myths, the new moon and the full moon would have an impact on the quality of our sleep. But what are their effects, and how to remedy them to avoid insomnia?

photo article déguisement halloween momie

How to make your own DIY Halloween costumes

Halloween 2022 is fast approaching! What if this year you made a DIY costume for the occasion? Here are our best tips for a successful Halloween costume!

Comment aider son enfant à reprendre le rythme de l’école pour la rentrée 2022 ?

Back to school 2022 : how to help your child get back into the school swing?

Back to school 2022 - well here it is... The vacations are about to end! And as all good things must come to an end, it's also time for our little angels to go back to school. How...

Huiles essentielles pour mieux dormir

How to use essential oils to sleep better

You've probably heard of essential oils, but did you know that they are the ideal companions for a good night's sleep? From the oils to choose (or to avoid) to the advice on how to use ...

Sommeil : Pourquoi dormons-nous dans le noir ?

Sleep: Why do we sleep in the dark?

Before the invention of artificial light, human beings were destined to live according to the day and night, taking advantage of the darkness to fill up with energy while sleeping. Why do we still sleep in the dark...

les sueurs nocturnes

How to relieve night sweats?

It's hard to sleep soundly when night sweats get under your skin... What if we talked about them together, to learn more about them and get rid of them?

Guide ménager : Comment se débarrasser des taches faites par nos animaux ?

Household guide: How to get rid of stains made by our pets?

Our four-legged friends... We love them! But when they get into mischief, it's hard to make up for it. How about some tips on how to get urine off your mattresses and laundry?