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photo article Quelle couleur pour une chambre

What colour to choose for a bedroom: our advice and inspiration

More than just a question of aesthetics, choosing the colour of your room is a matter of emotions and sensations. We are looking for protection, calm, comfort, inspiration and energy in this room where our days open and close. We have sweet dreams, projects, love, sleepless nights or peaceful nights. We do so much more than sleep in a room, so his color counts. 


Before opening the last issue of AD. Let's take a few minutes to ask ourselves about our desires and the particularities of the room, in order to find the ideal shade. 


The tranquility of a not too bright white, the protection of a deep blue, the wrapping of an intense burgundy... Liking a colour and feeling good when it surrounds us are two different things. Before making your decision, you can observe what you feel when you see rooms painted in different shades and note your impressions. If a saturated yellow gives you a smile, it can also wake you up in high doses, which you may not feel like going to bed. 


In an east-facing room, the light will be stronger in the morning. Conversely, in a west-facing room, the light will come in at the end of the day. In both cases, it will change from hour to hour. We therefore recommend testing your favourite shade under different lights, to avoid being disappointed if what Roseyou thought was perfect in the shade turns out to be too bright in full sun. This is not a problem in a north-facing room, where there is constant light throughout the day. The same is true in a south-facing room, where there is even more light. 


The perfect shade is nothing without taking into account the use that will be made of it. There are many more options than a white ceiling and 4 monochrome walls. Here are some parameters to consider when handling color with address. 

The way color is arranged in a room greatly influences its perception. Designers and architects have understood this, as has Alvar Aalto. His work on the use of colour in the Paimio sanatorium in Finland has been particularly noteworthy. About the rooms, he wrote: "The walls are light and the ceilings darker. This gives a more soothing tone from the point of view of a lying patient." Painting the ceiling in a more intense shade gives the feeling of being sheltered and protected. A similar effect can be achieved by using a single colour on the walls and ceiling. 

In a multifunctional room, if you live in a studio apartment for example, we can use color to delimit spaces and their various uses: the darkest wall will be that of the headboard, or the sections of walls that surround it to form a soothing night corner. 

Light must also be studied when it comes time to remove rollers and brushes. It is necessary to take into account the walls most exposed to the sun and the placement of windows to apply different shades as best as possible. For example, if the darkest wall is also the one where the natural light source of the room is located, the contrast can create a rather brutal backlight effect for the eye. It is better to apply the lightest colours on the window side and the darkest on the wall. 

Finally, colour is much more than just paint. The furniture, curtains, accessories and the BEDDING The quality of our furniture influences the atmosphere of the room just as much. Depending on the chosen palette, we can create harmony, tension, accentuate or hide certain details and, above all, give personality to our room. White is available in several shades to keep relief, neutral tones are awakened by more saturated accents, and large pieces of dark wood furniture are highlighted against light-coloured walls. 


« Color is stronger than language. It is a subliminal communication..... The white color means starting from scratch, it's a renewal, the possibility of starting over from scratch, completely new. » 

Excerpt from Louise Bourgeois' personal notes 

« The blue one has no dimensions. It is out of dimension, while the other colours have it. .... blue is at most reminiscent of the sea and the sky, which is after all the most abstract thing in tangible and visible nature. » 

Yves Klein, Sorbonne ConferenceJune 3, 1959, Paris 

« The green one is the dominant colour of summer, the time of year when nature, having triumphed over spring and its storms, is bathed in a restful self-satisfaction. » 

Vasily Kandinsky, The spiritual in art and painting in particular, 1911 

« A single tone is only a color, two tones it's an agreement, it's life. »

 Henri Matisse, Writings and remarks on art, 1972 

« The Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams. » 

Paul Gauguin, Various things, 1897