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photo article que faire avec des vieux draps

What to do with old sheets?

A desire for change, a colour we've grown tired of, a damaged fabric, a new king size mattress that no longer fits... Rather than letting our old bed linen sleep in the cupboard, and rather than throwing them away, there are many alternatives. So we've put together a non-exhaustive list of ways to give them a new life. And we've even come up with some ideas for really tired bedding.

Dressing up with

This white percale set? We can turn it into ghost costumes for the whole family to wear together on Halloween night. And it couldn't be easier to make: two holes for the eyes, a little scissoring to adjust the length and you're done. It will also be very appreciated by the students of the house, to make the Greco-Roman toga that they will wear at their next toga party.

Picnic on it

If you enjoyed sleeping on them, we bet you'll enjoy laying them out on the grass for an outdoor lunch. A large sheet, a ray of sunshine, the park next door... We can already see ourselves there. If the fabric is still nice and big enough, we can also transform our duvet cover into a tablecloth, and extend the picnic spirit inside the house.

Carry it on your shoulder

A pretty pattern, a color nicely faded by the years, an unwearable fabric: so many reasons that let us think that this pillowcase could become a tote bag. Of course, you'll have to brush up on your sewing skills (or start for the first time) to get a neat and resistant finish. A little effortand a little tutorial on Youtube to to get a unique piece, it's well worth it.

Cleaning the windows

And the whole house. Instead of buying new dishcloths, cut up the most weathered sheets and put them to good use down to the last fibre. It's cheaper, both for you and for the planet. And it will prolong the life of our most beautiful dishcloths, those we prefer to hang in the kitchen rather than dirty them.

Give us a hand to repaint the living room

Or to sand the walls, put up a shelf, assemble a piece of furniture... In short, anything that is likely to produce stains or dust. We spread our used sheets on the furniture, the floor, the objects to be protected before starting the work next Saturday.

Wrap a gift

And learn about furoshikithe Japanese art of fabric folding. The softness of a piece of cotton satin, a carefully made knot... it's reusable but above all it's very beautiful. You can even perfume it before offering it: we tested it, it works much better than on paper.

Give them away

To those who really need them. To an association like Emmaus for example. Quality ornaments, which have aged well but have grown tired, can find a new room to sleep in for a few more years.