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What to do at home for a long weekend? Our version of "Do as you please" (confined version)

Ah, mai. Its demonstrations, its lily of the valley, its days that are beginning to stretch out and its famous long weekends... To brighten up this (half) confined month of May, we have concocted a special program for long weekends. Solo or with the family, for two or many more, follow the guide. 


This year, May1st and May 8th fall on a Friday: no bridge in the program, but a three-day weekend is not bad. Try, as much as possible, to change the rhythm between work and school days and the weekend. And even if you're not working much at the moment, planning different activities for the rest of the week should help you keep your mind on things. 

Whether you're rather fat or wake up at dawn, there's nothing like a breakfast in bed to start the weekend on a happy note. No need to spend hours in the kitchen, a few slices of toast, a glass of orange juice or a simple coffee will give you an early morning break. 


We don't know about you, but ever since lockdown started, we've been kind of like Cindy Crawford in '90s mode. Between a cardio, barre (it's hard) or hiit (it's very hard) class, we're spoilt for choice with Instagram live at all hours. So, join more than 3,000 people to strengthen your booty with JULIE PUJOLS BENOIT or dance with the amazing CASSIUS POWELL (his energy is contagious even if you don't understand English). To practice with your children, MUMDAYMORNINGS offers an ultra-dynamic class on Sunday at 11am and the little rats at the opera will love it. OCTAVIE ESCUREthe queen of the Fit'Ballet. Good news: classes are usually available for 24 hours if you're tired of having to be on time.


To fight boredom and keep morale high, many chefs are getting online and sharing their favourite recipes on Instagram or on their sites. Follow ANNE-SOPHIE PIC to finally master the recipe for macaroons or discover the recipe for eggs Florentine au beaufort. The ORANGE CAKE by Jean-François Piège is very simple to make with children and will bring a sweet scent of nostalgia to your kitchens.



This year, no bouquet of lily of the valley on the first of May... nor a long walk to digest family meals. If you miss nature and feel like getting some fresh air (online), head to the most beautiful gardens in Europe between a virtual exploration of the superb HIDCOTE MANOR in England or the discovery of the botanical university garden of LAUNAY. 


For many of us, the May bank holidays are usually synonymous with getting away from it all. Between a weekend in the country or a trip to a European capital, train tickets are often booked months in advance and we look forward to getting out in the fresh air for a few days. While we wait for the chance to roam the countryside again, we've put together a programme for you to enjoy a confined trip. 


Remember the photo album that's been gathering dust under your bed for months? It's a good thing you have three days to sort through years of holiday photos and start dreaming about the next ones. Your children will be happy to help you write the captions or you'll finally have time to listen to a long series of podcasts (we love "The Powder" from Nouvelles Ecoutes or "Come IN" from Louie Media).


Between a small Parisian apartment and a pretty country house, we don't all experience confinement in the same way. But that doesn't stop us from planning an overnight adventure. Change the scenery by pitching your tent in the living room (or the garden, for the lucky ones), plan a picnic with a good bottle of wine and spend the night telling yourself stories. No camping equipment at home? A sheet slipped on a long thread stretched between two walls will do the trick and will delight the younger ones.


Saturday night at the movies, not for a while. In the meantime, why don't we have a matinee at home? Between Arte, which offers a Rohmer retrospective, or Netflix, which signs an agreement with MK2 to broadcast about fifty auteur films, it's time to review its classics. And if you're fed up with the streaming giant, direction MUBI and its sharp selection of films from yesterday and today. At the moment, Jacques Rivette and Indian cinema are in the spotlight, and the platform is offering a one-euro formula for three months. 


If you're more into board games or if you're tired of playing Monopoly every night, many sites offer online games. BOARD GAME ARENA For example, it provides nearly 150 games and, above all, allows you to create virtual games to organize game nights with friends. Your children will also be able to play with their friends (and that will also give you a break). 


And then if it rains, if you're not in the mood, if you don't really feel like it, just treat yourself to a little bit of sweetness by taking a bath or listening to your favourite album. Because we can't all learn how to code, repaint our apartment from floor to ceiling or dance for hours on end. An extended weekend DAYDREAMING IN BED is fine too.