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Our favourite reads of 2019 to read under the duvet

The year just ended and you didn't have time to read as much as you wanted? Reading a little more is part of your good resolutions but you lack of inspiration? Don't panic, we've put together a short summary of our favourite reads from the past year. To be read from the warmth of your duvet of course!

For lovers of the great outdoors

With De pierre et d'os, Bérangère Cournut takes us on a poetic journey to Inuit lands. From one day to the next, the young Uqsuralik is separated from her family because of a fracture on the ice floe. A journey of initiation follows, allowing her to discover the world around her, but above all, what is hidden deep inside her. A dreamlike, contemplative and well-documented novel that allows us to learn more about the Inuit way of life.

For fans of felines

In this novel of anticipation, Bernard Weber transports us to a world governed by... cats! In the near future, there is no trace of our civilization left. Paris has been invaded by rats and only a small community of cats and humans can resist. In Sa majesté des chats, the sequel to Demain les chats, we find with pleasure the cat Bastet. We follow the hectic adventures of this unusual little heroine, determined to save the world.

For adventurers in search of meaning

La Panthère des neiges won Sylvain Tesson the prestigious Renaudot Prize. In this book, the writer-traveller recounts the journey that took him to the high plateaus of Tibet, in the company of wildlife photographer Vincent Munier. We follow their adventure at an altitude of over 5,000 metres, in the footsteps of the snow leopard, an animal as rare as it is mysterious. A book that makes you think about the meaning of life and our relationship with the world.

For fans of true stories

While practicing in the neurological clinic located in the Parisian hospital of La Pitié-Salpêtrière, the famous doctor Jean-Martin Charcot organized the "bal des folles" every year. It was an opportunity for the clinic's hysteria patients to have fun away from their illness. And for the bourgeois guests, to flirt with the forbidden. It is by talking about this historical fact that Victoria Mas paints the portrait of young Louise in Le bal des folles. A very touching first novel.

For those who hesitate to do a digital detox

Michel Desmurget is a doctor in neuroscience. And with La fabrique du crétin digital, he looks at the impact of screens on our children. In one year, a child of kindergarten age spends about 1000 hours in front of a screen. That's more than a year's worth of school time. And this is not without consequences, as much on the health of children as on their behaviour or the development of their intellectual capacities.

For history buffs

In Civilizations, Laurent Binet rewrites history. In this novel, the Vikings make the Indians discover iron, Christopher Columbus does not discover America in 1492 and the Incas invade Europe in 1531. The author, awarded the Grand Prix du roman de L'Académie Française, plunges us into a rich historical fresco. Thanks to his impeccable documentation, Laurent Binet makes us see the world from another angle and reminds us that the truth we know hangs by a thread.

Now that you have enough reading ideas to occupy your winter evenings, all you have to do is change your duvet cover, slip into clean sheets and never leave your room!