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Bed linen made from sustainable textiles? Yes, it exists

Sleeping soundly, finding durable sheets so you don't have to change them too often (or at least not buy new ones), consuming more responsibly... There are plenty of good reasons to choose sustainable sheets. But how can you tell if your bed linen is of good quality, and if it respects both our nights and the planet? We give you our opinion on the question of sustainable textiles.

What does sustainable mean?

Sustainable means "made to last". A simple idea in theory, but its implementation depends on many variables. To understand this, a little backtracking may help.

In 1987, the year of the publication of Our Common Future by the UN World Commission on Environment and Development. This work, better known as the Brundtland Reportreport, provides the first definition of sustainable development: "a pattern of development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The commission also lists the three pillars of sustainable development: the preservation of the environment, l’economic efficiency and socialsocial equity.

Quite a programme. And it is obvious: sustainability only makes sense when it is applied globally. Every person, every organization, every country has a role to play.

How do you recognize a sustainable company?

The question is worth asking, as many companies have made sustainability a core value. And to claim this commitment loud and clear.

It is widely believed thata sustainable company takes responsibility. At all levels. It researches and develops production methods that save natural resources and are non-polluting. It adapts its distribution channels to limit its carbon footprint. It recycles its waste or, better still, avoids producing it. It respects labour law, human rights and the well-being of those who work with and for it. It works for a positive social and environmental result, not only economic. In short, it takes action. Because when you choose to be a sustainable company, it's important to say it, but it's even better to do it.

Achieving this goal often takes time. And the best thing in the meantime is to be transparent.

And what about La Chambre?

Very quickly, La Chambre became more than a story about sheets. Launching a start-up as a family also means asking ourselves about the impact of our business on our children's world, and acting to look after it. So we've listed the criteria for truly sustainable bedding. And here's how we put them into practice.

les enfants

We make products designed to last

Sheets that stand the test of time, breakfasts in bed, children, late mornings, laundry, the dog that comes to say hello every morning... life. This is what we wanted. So our bed linen is woven only from long fibres of linen and cotton, to form very soft and strong single threads. This allows us to produce (and buy) less, but better.

We value an ancestral know-how

We found the ideal partner in Portugal: a family factory where they have been weaving beautiful sheets for 3 generations. From the choice of the best cotton or linen fibres to the fitting of the last button, all our products are made with care by expert hands, using the latest manufacturing technologies.

We produce our collections in an ecological way

While our partner factory respects tradition, it remains at the forefront of technological advances in its sector. Especially when it comes to protecting the environment. It reuses all the thermal energy it produces, recycles 80% of its waste and recovers almost 40% of the water it uses to treat it and return it to nature. And it protects them in reusable fabric packaging. Sustainability is an integral part of its production process.

We limit transport

All our pillows, fitted sheets, duvet covers and bed linen are made by our only partner and available on our website. This means one trip from the factory to the warehouse, and one trip from the warehouse to your room. That's all there is to it. We love to travel, but we don't want our sheets to go around the world before they get to you.

We are committed to fair prices

No intermediaries and no resellers, that means no extra costs linked to transport or margins. This allows us to pay fairly all those who work with us, and to offer you our products at the fairest price. This is why we do not have sales.

We plant 10 trees for each of your orders

Deforestation is going fast, very fast. 2400 trees were cut down every minute in 2018. That's why La Chambre supports the association Eden Reforestation Projectswhich reforests the planet by creating jobs and offering a fair remuneration to disadvantaged rural populations. Its objective? To plant 500 million trees per year by 2025. We believe it's possible, and we'll do everything we can to help them.

Eden reforestation

And we avoid losses

If, within 90 days of purchase, you choose to return your sheets, we will donate them to the Emmaus association. And we encourage you to do the same, with the sheets in good condition that you no longer use. By the way, we have lots of ideas, we have lots of ideas to give them a second life.

We also encourage our readers to be environmentally friendly on a daily basis!