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Bed linen made in France? Or made in Portugal? We explain our choice!

Taking care of the planet is a given at La Chambre. And producing locally contributes greatly to reducing our carbon footprint. However, our partner factory is located in Portugal and not in France. And we are proud of it. We tell you why, in all transparency!

The long search for the perfect partner

Since we design our bed linen in Paris, it was natural that we first looked for a factory in France to make our products. We were looking for the ideal partner, respectful of people and the environment, and with a real know-how that matched our high standards.

After many searches in France, then in Europe, we fell in love with a family business. Located in the north of Portugal, in the region of Guimarães, it is managed by the grandchildren of the founder. Over the years, they have succeeded in establishing an exceptional know-how, at the level of the quality we wanted to achieve for our bed linen. All the while preserving the environment in a sustainable way. Indeed, our partner factory recycles 80% of its waste, reuses all the thermal energy it produces and recovers up to 40% of the water used in the production process. It is then treated before being released into the environment.

This factory also cares about the people it employs, which is a key criterion for us. It has received the international SA 8000 certification, which guarantees the social impact of a company. It ensures that the company offers working conditions that respect labour law and human rights to its employees.

Adopting a global sustainable approach to our bed linen

Another element that was particularly important to us was the desire to limit transport in the manufacturing process of our products. In our search for a partner, we could not find a factory that could both manufacture our bed linen and provide us with the necessary raw materials. This meant finding a supplier of fabrics that could transport them to the factory. And therefore increase the carbon footprint of our products because of the pollution linked to transport.

Our factory in Portugal is the only one that could provide us with quality fabrics and allow us to bring our entire manufacturing process together in one place. We were keen to use fabrics certified with the OEKO-TEX standard 100 label, which guarantees that a textile has not been treated with substances that are harmful to health.

Understanding what's behind the "Made in France" label

During our search for a manufacturer, we realized that there was a sort of vagueness around the label "Made in France". Indeed, it is possible to obtain it even if one or several parts of a product are imported.

A product can therefore bear the "Made in France" label if it has undergone certain processing operations in France, using non-French raw materials and components. It can also obtain this mention if the value of its non-French raw materials and components does not exceed a certain value in relation to its price. In short, a product can be labelled "Made in France" even if its manufacture is not 100% French. The raw materials may come from abroad, it may have been partly manufactured elsewhere... As long as it undergoes a "last substantial transformation" in France or that at least 45% of its added value is realized in this country, a product can be labelled "Made in France". This somewhat vague notion was clearly not in line with our desire for transparency.

Fabrique en france

Moreover, limiting the carbon footprint of our products as much as possible is fundamental for us. We could not find fabrics that met our requirements in France. And it was out of the question for us to import them and have them sewn in France in order to obtain the "made in France" label. We consider the impact of our products on the environment in a global way and this is why we want to centralize their production as much as possible.

The choice of coherence

We did not manage to find a factory in France that could produce our products from A to Z, while meeting our requirements in terms of raw materials, know-how and environmental responsibility. And we didn't want to produce only part of our products in France and then wrap it all up in pretty slogans. The choice of our partner was obvious. And our beautiful collaboration is a long-term one.

Now you know everything! If you have any questions or want to know more, please send us a note to hello@lachambreparis.com. We will be delighted to answer you!