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Les origines de la soie de mûrier

The origins of mulberry silk

Described as the ultimate luxury material, silk is said to be about 4000 years old. How about a little more about its history?

The legend of mulberry silk

According to a legend, mulberry silk was discovered by Xi Ling Shi, the wife of the Chinese emperor HuangDI, in 2640 BC. As she sat quietly under a mulberry tree in the palace garden, a cocoon fell into the young woman's hot tea. Wishing to remove the cocoon to enjoy her tea, Xi Ling Shi would in fact have unwound the long and delicate thread of the cocoon. Amazed by the aesthetics of the thread, she decided to have a dress made from these cocoons designed as a gift for her husband. Thereafter, the young woman decided to inculcate in her entourage the art of breeding and sericulture. Little by little, this legend anchored in Chinese mythology gave her the name of "goddess of silk".

Thereafter, the secret of its production attracted many curious, but also jealous, as during antiquity when the Greeks and Romans invented many origins to silk threads. Because yes, the export of silk was forbidden since the second century BC, under penalty of being killed! It was in the 5th century that a Chinese princess defied the prohibitions by exporting silk cocoons to Tibet, so as not to be deprived of her favorite fabric despite her marriage to a Tibetan king. Later, it was said that a Byzantine emperor managed to obtain cocoons by sending strange Christian monks to China as secret agents.

It was finally thanks to the Arab people that the expansion of silk was finally official. Following the conquest of Persia, a silk breeding was born around the Mediterranean. 700 years later, the secrets of production finally arrived in Western Europe, especially in France, as well as in Italy.

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