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idées petit déjeuner au lit

All our ideas for a successful breakfast in bed

To celebrate an occasion or to enjoy the weekend, breakfast in bed has never been so trendy. And we love it! Discover all our breakfast in bed ideas to prepare a competitive breakfast and enjoy a well-deserved moment of pleasure.

It's a good time

We're not going to lie, there's something a little regressive and deliciously decadent about the idea of breakfast in bed. Because we rarely get the chance to combine comfort and indulgence to such an extent, breakfast in bed remains a must for special occasions. Mother's and Father's Day, birthday, Valentine's Day... You're spoilt for choice when it comes to staying in bed to discuss the interpretation of dreams.

For a romantic breakfast, bet on small attentions that will please your partner: from a wild bouquet in a pretty vase, to a personalized birthday card or book slipped on the tray, it doesn't take much to make this moment unforgettable. Be careful not to use flowers or candles that are too fragrant, as this could lead to disgust.

For a family breakfast, don't hesitate to ask your children to participate... as much as possible. They can squeeze a few oranges or carry the trays the last few metres - and maybe that will give them ideas for the next time.

But don't forget that breakfast in bed can also be enjoyed alone, with a cappuccino and the newspaper to start the day, or your favourite pastries for a relaxing weekend. By the way, if you enjoy Sundays in bed, check out our tips for a 100% cocooning room!

Atmosphere, atmosphere.

Cooking is important, but so is the atmosphere. Especially if breakfast is a surprise. Remember to change the sheets (discreetly) the day before breakfast and to provide a nice plaid if you are afraid of staining. Don't hesitate to invest in a large wooden tray with edges to avoid any accidents. And for an even more stylish experience, we love a free-standing tray - and you can use it to watch a movie in bed (or work in bed).

For sheets, why not choose a powder pink or natural beige washed linen set to create a refined, five-star bedroom atmosphere? Some clock radios allow you to program a playlist: the perfect way to wake your partner up gently before you show up with the breakfast of the century. And if you're too lazy to put together the perfect playlist, Spotify has dozens of options for a gentle wake-up call.

Get ready

That's all well and good, but we're getting hungry. The secret to a successful breakfast in bed is preparation. Think about the menu a few days before the big day and remember to set up your tray the night before. If you're planning on fresh bread and pastries, sneak out of the apartment as early as possible or buy them the night before and heat them up in the oven for a few minutes. If you're planning to make pancakes, prepare the batter in advance and just cook them in the morning. Tech-savvy? Invest in a smart plug to start your coffee machine from bed.

Don't try out a new recipe without testing it. It's better to focus on your classics or quality products and not spend hours on a recipe that is too complicated. And don't forget that you don't need to cook: a bowl of granola, a large orange juice... What counts is to enjoy yourself.

Our advice? Start by serving a hot coffee or tea with the day's newspaper or a book. Your partner will surely have heard the noise in the kitchen and may start to find the time long.

And if you choose to make eggs, don't forget to serve them when everything else is ready: they cool down devilishly fast.

Finally, bring all the items to the front door if they don't fit on one tray. You don't want to have to run to the kitchen every five minutes - breakfast in bed is best enjoyed in peace.

What about the crumbs?

If you're one of those people who have been traumatised by the threat of crumbs in bed and Marie Kondo's tendency, we've got some tips on how to avoid drama. Try to prepare the food as much as possible to limit the risk of accidents: spread the bread, pour the milk into the cups, the orange juice into the glasses... Leave the big jam jar or the bottles in the kitchen (or on the doorstep): opt for small jars and stable glasses. The same advice applies to crockery: reserve delicate flutes for the aperitif, as they spill very easily. And finally: enjoy. Whether alone, with a partner or with the family, breakfast in bed is a unique experience that should be savoured. And if by misfortune a drop of coffee is spilled on your sheets, you will be delighted to have trusted La Chambre: all our sets are machine washable and get softer with each wash. What more could you ask for?