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Le Podcast : un allié pour mieux dormir

The Podcast: an ally for better sleep

Appreciated and listened to by nearly one French person out of ten, the podcast has become the new way to get information and to be lulled by stories. What if you used it to sleep better and learn about your sleep?

But where does this practice come from?

Accessible from computers, mobile applications, or other multimedia players, the podcast is in fact the junction of two words: "IPod" and "Broadcast". Offering audio content, two types of podcasts can be differentiated nowadays: the first being the replay podcast, which offers a replay of radio shows, and the native podcast, created only for the web. Born between 2001 and 2003 in the United States, the podcast was created by three people named Dave Winer, Christopher Lydon and Adam Curry. It appeared at the end of 2002 in France thanks to Arte Radio and its series of anti-commercial and anti-cultural podcasts. A few years later, radio stations started to use the practice by offering a replay of their shows. Allowing listeners to listen to their content at any time of the day, and in any place, podcasts have charmed the hearts of many French people.

The podcast and sleep

But you will say: What is the relationship between podcasts and your sleep? Well, it's simple! The voice, as well as certain sounds, would have a soothing effect on the brain, especially at the time of joining the arms of Morpheus ... So what better than to settle comfortably in his comforter, and plug in his headphones, to find sleep? Moreover, some will put forward meditative moments, in order to provide you an absolute relaxation, and the elimination of the stress or the anxiety! Slip into your set, and follow the path of relaxation...

The top 5 of La Chambre Paris

Today, we would like to share with you our top 5 special podcasts to fall asleep well. Some of them may also teach you more about your sleep...

"Somnifère", to fall asleep with peace of mind:

Beginning with a relaxation phrase punctuated by visualization, as well as meditation, this podcast will be your daily appointment at 7pm (except on Fridays and Saturdays). In addition, you will have the chance to listen to a beautiful story. What better way to have sweet dreams? Ideal if reading doesn't suit you!

Podcast link: https: //somniferelepodcast.com/

"21 Days to Meditate", a program that will impact your days and nights positively:

Letting go... It can sometimes be difficult! Between the agitation of the outside world, work, loved ones, and the flow of thoughts, it's hard to clear your mind and not avoid insomnia in the evening... Every day, this podcast offers you a challenge in the form of an episode of a few minutes to experience meditation. Ideal for calming your emotions and accepting them without frustration, meditation will do wonders for your mental health and your sleep. After being proven by scientists, we invite you to practice meditation for a life more anchored in the present.

Podcast link: https: //podcast.ausha.co/21-jours-de-meditation

"In My Bubble", a solution to cross the word stress out of your mind:

After those months of being confined to your bubble, reconnecting with the outside world has not been without tumult. Created in 2020, "In My Bubble" addresses topics related to relaxation, wellness, as well as relaxation, in order to lift the weight of stress and anxiety from your mind. Lift the weight of loneliness and isolation, thanks to this podcast that doesn't make them taboo!

Podcast link: https: //shows.acast.com/dans-ma-bulle_relaxation

"Change My Life" a haven for self-care:

Having come into being thanks to Clothilde Dusoulier, life coach, this podcast full of good vibes will take you into a whirlwind of happiness and lightness. Focusing on essential subjects such as: self-confidence, meditation, relationships, or the relationship with oneself, "Change my life will be" the opportunity you have been waiting for to improve your overall health.

Podcast link: https: //changemavie.com/episodes

"Sleep & Relax ASMR" and its sensory technique:

Using autonomous sensory meridian response, more commonly known as ASMR, this podcast will stimulate your relaxation through crackling, whispering, or tapping... And more! The bonus point? This podcast is in English... The opportunity to relax while learning at the best time of the day!

Podcast link: https: //podtail.com/fr/podcast/sleep-and-relax-asmr/

"The SleepSpirit Experts" to inform you:

For those who are not seduced by the previous English podcast, here is another very nice one to learn about sleep. Whether they are a doctor, a sportsman, a consultant or a researcher, each one will answer your questions in order to give you the secrets of a good sleep! Counting sheep will not be useful anymore...

Podcast link: https: //fr-fr.radioline.co/podcast-les-experts-esprit-sommeil

And that's it! We hope that this little top 5 will help you find sleep more easily, even during the most difficult nights. In addition, we advise you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Food supplements (vitamins, minerals, melanin supplements, etc.) can also be useful.
Other small gestures can also be solutions such as: buying high quality sheets (especially in washed linen, satin, or percale which are natural materials), drinking herbal teas, arranging your room properly, integrating plants in your room, or even learning about the effects of the moon on sleep... Another article on "how to sleep when it's hot" can also accompany you during the hot summer nights

For more information on natural materials to adopt to sleep well, our customer service is available by mail and phone!