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Le domaine Le Doyenné : Une escapade en île de France

Le Doyenné estate : A getaway in the Ile de France

After a tour of the Manufacture Royale in Lectoure, we're taking you on a tour of the Domaine du Doyenné today. Located about 36 kilometers south of Paris, this gastronomic and agricultural project led by chefs James Henry and Shaun Kelly, as well as the owners of the domain, is a nugget to be discovered as soon as possible! What if we told you more about it?

The history of the domain

First the home of the Comtesse du Barry, then of the Borghese family, and the Mortemart family, Le Doyenné has hosted many important events. It was the scene of the creation of some of the works of artists Niki de Saint Phalle and Tinguely in the 1970s, and the estate owes its fruity name to the Borghese family. In order to modernize the estate and turn it into a restaurant, guest rooms in the former stables, as well as a magnificent vegetable garden, the founders called upon the expertise of local artisans with the aim of preserving the integrity of the monument.

The vegetable garden and the restaurant

As you can already understand, these two places are closely linked. Indeed, Le Doyenné's vegetable garden gives an incredible opportunity to the cooks to use exceptional products, coming from old varieties, and always respecting the seasons! Come and enjoy a tasty meal, in the heart of a glass roof overlooking this vegetable garden made up of fruit trees, bouquets of aromatic herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Within this garden, a responsible concept continues daily: regenerative agriculture.

The restaurant Le Doyenné has also been rewarded for the quality of its dishes with the title of Le Fooding Best Restaurant of the year 2023, as well as with the Time Out Restaurant of the year 2023.

The rooms of Le Doyenné

Reserve one of the ten rooms available at Le Doyenné. There are several choices available to you, with different options: larger or smaller rooms depending on your needs (25m2, 40m2, 15m2, 20m2, 22m2, 27m2, or 60m2). Your room can be composed according to the choice, of a shower, one or more bathtubs, and one or more beds of different sizes.

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