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La soie : Quels avantages y a-t-il à dormir sur de la soie ?

Silk: What are the advantages of sleeping on silk?

Discovered in 2700 BC by a Chinese princess, silk has since travelled to many countries and captured the hearts of many people. But why is silk so attractive? What are the benefits of using silk, especially during sleep? What are the advantages of a silk pillowcase? To find out, we invite you to read this article, which should provide some explanations and answers to your questions.

Silk and its global virtues


Thanks to its natural substances, silk keeps dust mites, molds, and fungi away from it. Perfect for sensitive skin, it also keeps potential allergies away!


Silk has the ability to stay cool in the summer, and keep warm just right in the winter.

Light and flexible

Light and flexible, silk is excellent for people with circulation problems.


Thanks to its breathable quality, the silk pillowcase is perfect for high temperatures. It is ideal for people who suffer from night sweats, and also for women who experience "hot flashes" during menopause.


Did you know that a silk sheet can last up to 10 to 20 years if you take good care of it? This very strong and durable fabric is a long-lasting companion! Grade A silk is even stronger than the others, by the way!


Silk is the most hygienic material in the bedding world! Perfect for people with allergies or asthma, it is also naturally antibacterial. Goodbye to pimples and other imperfections caused by pillows!

Silk and the skin

Preserves the skin's hydration

Unlike cotton, which tends to absorb up to 30% of its weight in liquid, silk can only absorb 11%. Thanks to this characteristic, your skin is largely less dehydrated after a night on a silk pillowcase than on a cotton pillowcase. The hydration of your epidermis is preserved.


Thanks to the 18 amino acids and natural proteins present in silk, it prevents the appearance of folds during sleep, limiting the appearance of wrinkles in the future. Your skin can regenerate quietly during the night, thanks to the fact that your skin slides on the silk cover, without any friction that could weaken it.


Some enzymes present in the silk, come to counter the imperfections of the skin (such as the acne, or the eczemas). It is thanks to this antibacterial capacity that your skin is protected from any external aggression during the night.

Silk and hair

Bye-bye frizz and messy hair!

Because this material reduces friction, hair is much less electric when you wake up, and therefore has much less frizz. No more messy hair when you wake up from your night! Also ideal for preserving curls, it is perfect for frizzy or curly hair. As for straightening or brushing, they will also be unharmed when you wake up thanks to the soft and protective aspect of this natural material. We love silk pillowcases for these aspects!

Silk = a night care

Just like your skin, your hair will keep its natural hydration. Indeed, silk is a material which absorbs much less the sebum present on your hair. Perfect when we know that the latter is essential to protect our hair from the outside world!

No more broken hair and split ends!

Thanks to its softness, your hair will slide on the pillowcase throughout the night. And who says no rubbing says: less breakage, less split ends, and less fall! Tested, approved... And adopted by the team!


Last but not least, the silk does not absorb! It is therefore perfect when you leave your hair care products on all night, or simply when you are a fan of creams or other post-shampoo hair products.

Interested in silk?

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