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Manufacture Royale de Lectoure

La Manufacture Royale: A historical monument and a beautiful place to spend a weekend

Today, we would like to tell you about an exceptional place, in which we are more than proud to be providing luxury bedding to: the Manufacture Royale. Indeed, you can now enjoy a luxury weekend in this unusual former tannery, refurbished by the wonderful Christèle Ageorge.

A meticulous work has been orchestrated to allow you to spend unforgettable moments. We are happy to be part of this large-scale project thanks to our beautiful 100% French washed linen that dress the bedrooms of La Manufacture Royale. We let you discover Christèle's work in this article, and we thank her for her trust, as well as for the wonderful relationship we have built with her!

Credit for the photos in the article: Jerome Galland

La Manufacture Royale: its history and surroundings

"Preserving the traces of the past and bringing a contemporary touch" Christèle Ageorge

A former royal leather tannery dating back to 1754, and classified as an 18th century historical monument, La Manufacture Royale of Lectoure is an ideal place to spend an atypical weekend. This tannery, built by the architect Pierre Racine, was abandoned for 30 years before undergoing three years of renovation to make it an exceptional place.

Within this magnificent monument, you will find spacious and elegant rooms, as well as warm reception rooms, all of which have been renovated using natural and traditional materials. This is the perfect environment to find inner peace and disconnect from the non-essential.

Located near the shopping street of Lectoure, La Manufacture Royale offers a breathtaking view on the nature, as well as on the Pyrenees chain. The atmosphere is pleasant, soft, and slowed down. A perfect place to relax and enjoy the cultural and touristic activities nearby!

Here is a non-exhaustive list of activities to do during your stay at La Manufacture Royale:

  • The visit of the Domaine d'Arton
  • Drink a hot chocolate at Maison Baudequin
  • Take a tour of the Archaeological Museum
  • Enjoying a moment of relaxation at the Lectoure thermal baths
  • Go for a walk or a bike ride
  • Dine at the restaurant Racine
  • Browse through the antique shops of the city
  • Take a dip in the swimming pool which will open its access from summer 2023...

And many other activities to discover!

There are several ways to get to the old tannery. You can take the TGV to the Montparnasse Paris train station, but you can also choose to come by plane or by car. Discover more information on the Manufacture Royale's practical information page.
Photo: Chambre Racine

Sleeping at La Manufacture Royale:

During your stay at La Manufacture Royale, several accommodation options are available to you.

For example, you can rent a wing of the house converted into a vacation home for a weekend or a week. This accommodation can accommodate up to 14 people and has a private garden and a pond.

It is also possible to rent the pilgrim's cottage which consists of four cells of 2, 3 or 4 beds. A kitchen is also available.

Finally, the third accommodation option that we are going to talk about more today is none other than: the reservation of a room in the wing of the house reserved for guest rooms.

The concept of guest rooms at La Manufacture Royale:

"Each room has been thought as a singular place" - Christèle Ageorge

Equipped with a vast bathroom with bathtub, a study area, and free access to the first floor lounges, the guest rooms of La Manufacture Royale are decorated in soft tones to allow you to relax. A real change of scenery for a minimum of 2 nights... unfortunately they will pass very quickly!

Enjoy a view of the South, the Pyrenees, or the city walls, without forgetting to enjoy breakfast served in one of the lounges, or in the garden! Composed only of fresh and local products, the breakfast of the Manufacture Royale will know how to regale you every morning!

And to relax you until the end, massages, as well as treatments are available at the reservation... Moreover, the television is banished from the trip! The perfect opportunity to disconnect, walk around, and read a lot.

Bonus point for the hot days: the stone walls and the interior shutters will keep you cool during the heat waves!
Photo: Chambre Royale

The available rooms

"A soothing place and an invitation to laziness" - Christèle Ageorge

When you come to La Manufacture Royale, you can choose to reserve one of the five rooms available in the house: the Lime Room, the Royal Room, the Joseph Suite, the Garden Suite, and the Racine Suite. Within these rooms, you will find a bathroom, one or more breathtaking views, as well as an office space and a dressing room depending on the size of the room you choose. By the way, our beautiful, high quality, thermo-regulating linen linens look great in these exceptional rooms! Wonderful nights await you in these beds... And know that a delicious local breakfast, included in your reservation package, will be waiting for you when you wake up.

The choice is difficult when you know that each of these five rooms is worth a look... So, which room will you choose? Of course, you can come back several times to test them all... Personally, we love them all!
Photo: Chambre Tilleul

The professional program of La Chambre Paris

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Photo: Chambre Racine