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La nouvelle lune et la pleine lune : Leurs effets sur le sommeil

The new moon and the full moon: Their effects on sleep

Known to be the subject of many myths such as the increase of births in maternity wards or the growth of hair, the moon would also disturb the quality of our sleep. Have you ever found it difficult to fall asleep, or simply to sleep when the moon was full? On the other hand, do you enjoy better nights each month at a precise moment when the moon is new? You may not have paid much attention, but your sleep is indeed regulated by the moon! Why don't we tell you a little more about this?

First of all, how does the moon work and who is it? Also called Earth I, the Moon is actually the only natural permanent satellite of our planet, and what's more, the fifth largest satellite in the Solar System. Positioned 384,400 km from the planet Earth, its age would be about 4.53 billion years... So much for getting old! Composed of 4 major phases that punctuate its cycle, we can cite the new moon, the waxing moon, the full moon, and finally, the waning moon. Its rotation cycle lasts about 29.5 days.

The new moon

Beginning of a new lunar cycle, the new moon announces a more pronounced darkness because of its placement between the sun and the earth. And who says a better darkness, announces a better sleep for the occupants of the planet! But the explanation goes much further than a simple story of luminosity. It is true that the time of falling asleep during the new moon would be shorter, and the sleep longer.

The full moon

In contrast to the new moon, the full moon announces the waning phase of this natural satellite. The light is therefore more intense, following its position opposite the sun. And as you can well imagine... Who says intense light, says a more laborious sleep! But it does not stop there. Indeed, a recent American study[1] made up of a group of researchers in neurobiology, analyzed the behavior of several people 3 to 5 days before the cyclical change of the moon. This experiment revealed that the time of falling asleep was extended by 30 minutes for each of the participants, and this before the full moon. During this phase, 46 to 58 minutes of sleep were also lost for each case studied, even up to 1H30 of lost sleep. And as you surely know, 1h30 of lost sleep leads to an impact on the sleep cycles and the general state of our body.

But what links are there between sleep disturbances and the moon?

As the end of the day approaches, our body starts to produce a natural hormone to prepare for sleep, called "melatonin". In particular, this hormone leads to a drop in body temperature, as well as a drop in blood pressure and cortisol levels. According to a study conducted in Switzerland by Basel[2], this same melatonin level would tend to decrease during full moon periods, while it would tend to increase during new moon periods. Our sleep cycle is thus well and truly linked to the lunar cycle. To this, you can also add our personal sensitivity to the moon. Everyone will have a different reaction in terms of mood and sleep. This will depend on the receptivity to the moon's rays of each person, and the nervous regulator called hypothalamus which is located in each brain.

How to benefit from a good sleep in spite of the changes of the lunar cycle?

To avoid being out of sorts... Here are some simple and effective tips:

  • Take care of your diet. When a change in the lunar cycle is underway, we recommend that you choose foods that improve the production of melatonin, such as: olives, rice, tomatoes, nuts, hazelnuts, bananas, cherries, pineapple, ginger or even oatmeal.
  • Create your own organic and natural night mist. A recipe is waiting for you on our Instagram!
  • Slip a Rose Quartz stone under your pillow. Its soothing energy will help you brave the effects of the moon.
  • Fatigue your body during the day. An intense sporting activity like a jog for example.
  • Close your blinds properly, and add blackout curtains to your room. A night mask can also complete the duo!
  • A homeopathic treatment can also be useful. To overcome insomnia related to full moons, take 5 granules of Calcarea 15CH before bedtime during the 5 nights preceding the full moon.

And above all... Choose a bed linen made from a noble and natural material! Washed linen, cotton percale, or cotton sateen... There are many choices depending on your needs and desires. To obtain advice on this point, our team is at your disposal by mail and by phone.