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photo article Interview de Laetitia Renevier Billie Blanket

Interview with Laetitia Renevier, Billie Blanket

Who are you?

I'm Laetitia, a journalist with a passion for decoration and founder of Billie Blanket. I'm married and have 3 children aged 17, 15 and 5.

What do you do?

I'm a journalist: I work for decorating magazines as well as for my blog, which takes more and more time, I develop collabs with decorating brands and partnerships thanks to my Instagram account too. I also create some accessories under the name Billie Blanket.

What is your relationship with decoration?

A passion, an obsession, an evidence. I grew up in this environment, it has always animated me, I never tire of it, I always have an eye that hangs out and observes everything that touches closely or far from the decoration and creation.

When did you decide to make it your job?

Late, I never thought I would work in this field because I was so immersed in it that I rejected it at first. But decorating caught up with me when I was 20.

Are you a morning or evening person?

I'm a morning person. I like the day to start and especially the night to end.

What is your morning ritual? And your evening ritual?

In the morning I quickly attack my breakfast by looking at Instagram and by feeding myself pretty things that wake up my creative desires for the day. In the evening I go to bed with my book, no matter what time it is. I can't switch off without reading a few pages of my book. And no screens in bed, ever. It prevents me from falling asleep...


What can we find on your night table?

The book of the moment, hand cream and chapstick that I put on before I turn off the lights, water.

How many alarm clocks do you set?

Just one, and I often wake up two minutes before it goes off.

Do you take naps?

When I can, yes. Never more than 20 minutes. It's a lifesaver! The day starts again. I started doing it after my youngest was born 5 years ago.

The last thing you do before bed?

I put on my lip stick ;-)

billieblanket parure de lit satin

Your first thing in the morning?

I kiss my kids goodnight before I get in the shower.

What was the last dream you had?

It's not a good thing, I had nightmares. The night is never very calm for me.

Do you remember your first sleepover?

I remember parties where I went to sleep at friends' houses when I was about 10. I hated it because I only liked my bed and being in my house.

One of the most beautiful beds you've seen in your life?

A room in New York, in a hotel overlooking Manhattan, a huge American-style bed with soft sheets...

Where do you dream of sleeping?

On the bank of a river to be rocked by the flowing water...

Your favorite netflix and chill program?


What's your favorite book?

I have too many!

A movie to watch in bed?

No movie! I read in my bed.

What are your favorite La Chambre sheets?

Mine of course!

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