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photo interview de Béatrice Minard de Madame Décore

Interview with Béatrice Minard, Madame Décore

Who are you?

My name is Beatrice, I am 38 years old and I live near Paris with my lover and my little boy.

What do you do?

You could say that I have a thousand and one lives! I like to diversify my professional activities, which allows me not to be bored every day. I work in the tourism sector and at the same time I write articles in the field of decoration, DIY and gardening. I create content for brands but also for my own blog, Madame décore. From time to time, I lead DIY workshops on various themes, an activity I really enjoy.

What is your relationship with decoration?

My parents are inveterate bargain hunters. When I was little, they used to take me to flea markets and garage sales almost every weekend... I hated it! But I took a liking to it, and bargain hunting became a real passion when I grew up. Today, decoration is part of my daily life: I am interested in new collections, trends... I pay attention to my environment when I enter a restaurant, a museum, or even someone's house!

Madame Decore portrait

When did you decide to make this your job?

I had the opportunity to write my first decorating articles when I became the owner of my apartment, over 10 years ago.

Are you a morning or evening person?

Before I got pregnant I was 100% an evening person! Since then, I have switched to the morning side and have become an "early bird".

What is your morning ritual?

I drink my tea while checking my emails and doing a quick scan of social networks.

What about your evening ritual?

I'm sensitive to smells... So I like to spray a little lavender pillow mist before going to bed. I always cream my hands and apply lip balm before reading in bed.

What do you have on your bedside table?

A book, a vintage bedside lamp by Caroline Heckel and my phone, which I also use as an alarm clock.

Iphone in bed?

Unfortunately, yes. It's a bad habit I can't break!

Do you take naps?

Whenever I get the chance! They've become a must in the last few years...

The last thing you do before going to sleep?

I try to think about the good moments of my day. This little ritual helps me stay positive and grateful!

Madame Decore Parure de lit lin

Your first thing in the morning?


What was the last dream you had?

More like a nightmare! I was in a plane crash in the mountains and had to survive alone in the cold. It was a relief to wake up warm under the duvet!

Do you remember your first sleepover?

Yes, we giggled under the duvet with our flashlights so my parents wouldn't hear us... I didn't get much sleep that night hahaha!

Your favorite Netflix and Chill program?

My boyfriend and I are Netflix fans: we watch a wide variety of series -Peacky blinders, You, Ozark, The Crown..., One episode per night to make the pleasure last! Afterwards we systematically read under the duvet.

What's your bedside book ?

I don't really have one because I like all kinds of books: bio, thrillers, novels... Recently I loved Munkey Diaries, the diary of Jane Birkin. I also really like Karine Giebel, who excels in dark novels.

What are your favourite La Chambre sheets ?

I was lucky enough to try out the La Chambre linen sheet set, which I can't get enough of. It had the same feeling as when I used to sleep at my grandmother's house as a child: an indescribable mix of softness, partly due to the linen fitted sheet. I had never thought of buying one before, which is a mistake, because it makes all the difference!