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cadeau pour mieux dormir

6 gifts for a better sleep

At the top of their list, they asked for two weeks of hibernation? Not easy to set up. But this untraceable gift has us on a roll. How about giving something for better nights (and days) to anyone you feel like spoiling? Check out our ideas for Christmas, or whenever you want.

A dawn simulator

Because we still have a few months to get up earlier than the sun. How does the dawn simulator work? Before going to bed, you program the time at which you want to get out of bed. And in the morning, the device diffuses a light more and more intense to imitate the day that rises, before emitting a sound, a music. It's a bit like our alarm clock warning us before it rings. Some models even reproduce the red and orange tones of the first rays of the sun, to soften this not always obvious moment. The perfect gift to help him become a morning person.

Essential oils

Lavender to reduce anxiety, vanilla against stress, jasmine to find sleep more easily ... Diffused in the room before falling asleep, mixed with a little vegetable oil for a relaxing massage or deposited as a mist on the pillow, they offer many possibilities of use. Except for children and pregnant women, for whom their use is not recommended.

Beautiful sheets

Given the amount of time we will spend in bed (about 25 years in a lifetime), the quality of our bedding can do a lot of good for our nights. With a material that is silky to the touch, non-toxic and carefully woven to fall asleep on again and again, you can be sure you won't go wrong. So under the Christmas tree, why not slip a cotton satin set certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100? Just to make sure you spend the winter warm and cosy.

A playlist to lull you to sleep

Music does more than soften the mood: it also influences brain waves. To help her fall asleep with a light mind, you can give her a relaxing playlist. We prefer songs with binaural beats, to be listened to with headphones in order to fully benefit from their advantages: slightly different frequencies are diffused in each ear and listening to them simultaneously allows the brain to hear (in a way) a third sound, and to synchronize the waves of its two hemispheres. It's a bit technical, so we'll remember their soothing effect, ideal at bedtime.

A yoga class

But not just any yoga class. To prepare for a good night's sleep, we recommend a yin yoga class. Each asanaor posture, is held for several minutes in a row, to promote a deep stretching of the muscles and fascias. Perfect for gently relaxing the body and mind. Shall we invite ourselves on a mat too?

His next bedside book

Changing your mind before going to sleep, calming your thoughts with a little concentration, giving your smartphone (and your eyes) a break are all reasons to include reading in your evening ritual. We encourage her to do so by offering her the first of many. And an analog alarm clock*, to really disconnect. If you're short of book ideas, it's over here.