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How to make your own DIY Halloween costumes

The end of October is a bit grey: between the terrible month of November, the end of the vacations and the grey days, it's sometimes hard to keep the morale up. But the end of October also (and especially) rhymes with Halloween, the not-so-French tradition that we've loved celebrating for years. And if Halloween 2022 won't be synonymous with "trick or treating" as a family, it's an opportunity to rely on DIY, to transform your house into a pumpkin paradise and to make deliciously terrifying costumes. It's no surprise, but we love recycling our old sheets to create the craziest costumes - because as much as we love Casper, you can do a lot more with a pair of sheets than a ghost costume. Follow the guide!

Whether it's made by mom, grandma, or the kids, giving your old sheets a second life is never a bad idea! And even more so when the Halloween period is approaching... What if we gave you a tip... or rather several... to recycle your old fabrics?

Princess Leia

This Leia costume is perfect and takes only two minutes to make. All you need is a white sheet, a belt and a toy lightsaber. This is a great last minute costume idea for adults too!

Find out how to make this beautiful costume here.

@thecontemplativecreative Jo Dix

The return of the mummy

We're starting with a pretty easy costume that also allows you to reuse your most damaged sheets (if they've lost their luster, even better). Simply cut your sheet into long strips of uneven size and find a guinea pig to wrap them around as you see fit. Feel free to throw on a t-shirt and white leggings to cover up a bit and roll up young.

These Romans are crazy

Another simple but effective idea. All you need is a large white sheet and a ribbon or rope to transform yourself into a Roman (or Greek) statue in an instant. Cross the two sides of the sheet in the back and tie the two corners on your shoulder before tying the whole with your golden rope. And that's it. You can add some accessories (grapes or a sword) or even pay homage to the Statue of Liberty if you find an old green sheet. And if you really want to terrify your neighbors (or your family), a few drops of fake blood or some white makeup will turn you into the specter of Julius Caesar who has come to settle a few scores. Tu quoque, mi fili?


You can make this angel costume out of a bedsheet in minutes with just a sheet, some ribbon and a bit of shiny pipe cleaner for the halo. It's cheap, it's easy, and you may even be able to reuse it for the Christmas pageant.

Find out how to make this beautiful costume here


This adorable idea doesn't require a lot of materials. It's easy to DIY with acrylic paint, a screen printing stencil, cardboard and black elastic.

Find out how to make this beautiful costume here

May the force be with you

The perfect costume for the whole family: Star Wars characters! Because if you think about it, the heroes of the Galaxy are all more or less walking around in sheets. White sheet version for Princess Leia or Luke Skywalker, brown for Obi Wan (you can easily dye old sheets in the machine) or with a little green makeup to turn into Yoda! And if you're the sewing machine type, you can add sleeves or create pants to spice up your costume.

Cape or no cape?

If your kids love the story of Little Red Riding Hood, it's time to pull out an old red sheet -- or bet on a little dye -- and make the costume of their dreams. Head to this great tutorial to find all the technical details - better have some sewing knowledge for this costume or the desire to take advantage of the vacations to learn a new hobby. The good news? It also works for a vampire costume and for a whole bunch of superhero costumes!

In addition to our costume ideas, you can opt for the famous zombie, ghosts in sheets, witches with a hat and a pendant, a pirate costume with a headdress, monsters, a skeleton costume for boys or girls, or a vampire costume for women or men! Don't forget some details that make all the difference, like stockings, gloves, a t-shirt dress, or tights for your witch costume! No matter what scary costume or character you choose with your family or friends, we are sure you will have a wonderful time. Let the originality flow... Let the party begin!

What about the decorations?

That's it, you've made the costume of your dreams. It's time to create a scary atmosphere for an unforgettable Halloween party. Of course, don't forget the pumpkin carving workshop and get out your last unused sheets to cover the street lamps (which will be left off of course) and create strange silhouettes in the living room. All you have to do is dim the lights, take out the candy packets, throw Hocus Pocus and shake.

As you can see, making costumes out of your old sheets can be a fun family activity! And of course, other solutions besides costumes are possible: embroidery, hut, teepee, curtains, cushion, bag, door curtain, apron, projector, or even rags, the possibilities are numerous! Tutorials can be found on Pinterest or Youtube, especially if you need to create hems for the costumes. You can also find a decoration to make for the occasion on these platforms! As a gift, or as a Sunday craft, you will surely have a great time reinventing your sheets! Happy Halloween to all.

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