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Decorating your children's room for the new school year: a little practical guide

September is just around the corner and your children are getting ready (with you) for the new school year: what if you took the opportunity to refresh their bedroom decor? Last year, we gave you some advice on how to prepare for the new school year. After a few hectic months, we thought we'd focus on their room to put the summer behind them and get them excited about going back to school (we can dream a little).

We take the same and we start again

Redecorating their room doesn't necessarily mean spending a fortune or hours in the shops. For fans of upcycling or DIY, Pinterest is full of original ideas for making all kinds of pieces: a bed made of pallets or an industrial desk, give free rein to your creativity for one last joint project before the end of the summer.
For the others, you just need to add a coat of paint on a piece of furniture or change the configuration of the furniture in the room to bring a breath of fresh air to the new year. It's also practical if you want to reuse the furniture from the older children's room without offending the younger ones! And if you feel like adding a few new items, brands are competing with each other to offer timeless pieces - we particularly like the e-shops Les Enfants du Design or Nobodinoz

Memories memories

The transition between the long, long summer holidays (especially if they haven't been back to school since March) and the start of the new school year is sometimes difficult. Leaving their cousins, their grandparents, going back to the city and not spending their days with you can be a bit of a shock for the younger ones. If you are still on holiday, why not send them on a treasure hunt? Between finds at low tide or mornings in flea markets and other garage sales, they can choose pretty souvenirs and want to get back to their room as soon as possible.
And whatever their age, don't forget to involve them as much as possible in the decoration of their room. So yes, you may have to add a touch of Snow Queen to your minimalist creation, but it's the perfect way to make them a little more independent and get them excited about the start of the school year.

Make the wall

The cheapest, if not easiest, option is to give their room a new lease on life with a lick of paint. If you had opted for more childish colours, this could be an opportunity to choose (with them) "grown-up" colours such as beige, duck green or petrol blue. You can also opt for a pop coloured wall or choose an original wallpaper with graphic motifs for teenagers or fairy-tale landscapes to make the youngest dream. For the latter, don't hesitate to dedicate a whole section of wall to their wildest creative projects: between washable paint on a white wall or chalk on chalkboard paint, this corner of their room will become the place where they can express their imagination (and with a bit of luck, they will leave the rest of the room alone).

Home office: a competitive office

The flagship room of the home office deserves a little update for back-to-school (and your kids probably can't see it in paint anymore). Scandinavian, industrial, wooden... all styles of desks are available, whatever your budget.
Choose models that can be upgraded, with boards to be raised, coloured storage units on wheels and shelves to be added over the years. Don't forget to provide a comfortable chair on which they will want to spend long hours and consider investing in a quality computer screen.

The sleeping area

So yes, doing homework and drawing on the walls is good, but don't forget the sleeping area so they can face the new school year in top shape. Opt for ultra-resistant cotton percale sheets that you won't need to iron, and don't hesitate to add touches of colour to your selection. With La Chambre bedding, you can also choose to mix and match colours as you wish and we also offer a range of sizes. With these, they'll have only one thing on their mind: letting you enjoy your evening and go off to sweet dreams.