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Decorating your country house: focus on the bedroom with @Marieinmay

Between Scandinavian-style minimalist design and gorgeous interior photos, Marie Lang has created a community of decorating enthusiasts around her Instagram account (@marieinmay). After our guide to decorating your holiday home, we wanted to focus on the room that makes our hearts beat faster and asked Marie to give us her decorating tips for your country house bedrooms and tell us about her summer.

First of all, can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

My name is Marie and I've been a decorating enthusiast since I was very young. In real life, I work in marketing and I also run my Instagram account @marieinmay.

What is your relationship with decoration and design ?

It's second nature to me: I love beauty and taking care of my home!

Do you have your own holiday home?

I dream of having one, but until that's possible my family and I borrow our respective parents'! And the rest of the time we choose the Airbnb option.

Are you looking for a holiday in France or abroad? (even if this year, the choice is easier...).

We go to Le Touquet very regularly and I spend at least a week in the south of France every year, but I'm passionate about Italy and dream of going there with my daughter as soon as possible!

You have a minimalist approach to decorating: how does it look in your room?

I opted for something very simple. At the bed level, the wall is painted café au lait and I hung two framed illustrations. For the bedside tables, we use two pieces of sofa, and everything is in front of a fireplace topped by a large round mirror with brass edges.

Do you think that the decoration of a room in a holiday home should be different?

Absolutely, although the decor will be different depending on where the house is! At the seaside, I would be quite fond of ceruse wood or painted white, combined with touches of blue and off-white. In Provence, it would be warmer shades, but still with white.

Well obviously not everyone has a holiday home. What are your tips for city apartments?

For the bedroom, I think it's important to feel good and make it a cocoon by choosing a bed, pillows and nice comfortable sheets. I avoid colours that are too bright and prefer soft colours that make it easier to fall asleep. And above all, don't overload the space if the room is small - just paint a wall in a pretty colour to dress it up.

Do you change your bedding with the seasons?

Yes, I love it! I use linen sets all year round, but I change colours quite regularly: camel, dark grey and light grey in autumn; white in winter; old rose, white and light grey in spring and summer.

Is your bedtime routine different in the summer (and during the holidays)?

I'm trying to read more and cut myself off from my cell phone, but it's hard: I'm addicted to Instagram!

Do you sleep well on vacation?

I sleep pretty well normally, but I sleep even better at home: my bed is more comfortable! But I'm not a napper, I don't need much sleep to be fit.

And finally: what are you doing this summer?

The usual schedule: a week in the south in July and another in Le Touquet in August!