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Déco : Comment décorer sa chambre pour un automne 2022 cosy

Decoration : How to decorate your room for a cosy fall 2022

After many hot days, Autumn is coming back to us. Say hello to the orange-yellow landscapes and the leaves on the ground! What if for this occasion, you change your interior to make it more comfortable? To help you, here are some tips to take from here and there to give your room a cozy, and fall atmosphere!

Materials of the season:

Who says fall, says cold. So, to combine the useful with the pleasant, we suggest you to put forward woolly fibers within your room! Curly wool is very trendy and will add an innovative aspect to your decoration. Warm, the wool will offer to your room an incomparable softness, as well as a cosy aspect to your bed, your floor, or your furniture!
For more concordance with the season, prefer decorative objects in neutral tones such as beige, white, ecru, fir green, champagne or taupe.
The second star material of this fall is none other than velvet! Perfect for cushions, this material with an incredibly pleasant touch will be ideal to combine elegance and comfort in your room.
Finally, wood touches could perfectly blend in with your fall decor. Easy to care for, durable and charming, this material will bring warmth to your home.

Which lighting to choose?

Do you know how to easily create a cozy atmosphere? By playing with lights of course! When the autumn days arrive, the days get shorter and the brightness drops more easily. So what could be better than a lower light level to make your room more comfortable? For this, candles spread throughout the room will be the perfect touch. Garlands in orange, red or yellow tones are also welcome, as well as rustic lanterns. Comforting effect guaranteed!

How to dress your walls?

So... For the bravest of you, changing your wallpaper could be an option. Choose a warm color such as deep brown, which will look great with linen elements. For those who want to change their wall decor, but don't want to overdo it: Paintings are a solution! Showcase autumn landscapes, trees with falling leaves, or paintings featuring mountains. Garlands hanging on the walls could also do the trick...

Decorative elements to have

Of course, in order to play the game to the end, we advise you to invest in small decorative elements to dress up the space. As in every season of the year, we encourage you to place one or two mirrors, to play with the natural light and enlarge the room.
Then, for an even more comfortable atmosphere, you can place one or more rugs on the floor depending on the space you have. Maximize the cushions on your bed, add a woolen throw and also a wooden headboard for a cottage feel.
In addition to rugs, you could also arrange felt pots or gold or copper pots on the floor.
Finally, don't forget to provide greenery to your room! Indeed, don't forget about plants in your sleeping space. For example, you can opt for a Morgana Orpen, a Calathea oranta, or an Asparagus plumosus. The quality of your sleep will be improved!

Bedding for fall

Finally, the crucial point not to be forgotten: the linen that will adorn your bed during this season with capricious temperatures. During the fall, the materials that lend themselves the most to your current needs will be: cotton percale, and cotton sateen. Of course, washed linen will also meet your expectations thanks to its characteristics. And if to see more clearly, we make you a small summary of the advantages of each material?

Washed linen :
Noble and natural material, this type of linen will be perfect in summer as well as in winter thanks to its thermoregulatory aspect. Easy to care for, durable and improving with each wash, our washed linen is 100% French. It is also the best you can find on the market, and at the best price!

The cotton percale :
Soft and durable, cotton percale respects the most sensitive skins. Easy to care for, its matte finish will blend in perfectly with your decor. Lightweight thanks to its weave, it will keep you warm on cold nights, without being too hot on summer nights.

Cotton sateen :
Soft, and slightly satin, the cotton sateen will catch just the right amount of light. Easy to care for, its weave will keep you perfectly warm on cool nights. Its shiny aspect will give a touch of elegance to your room in a snap!

In terms of colors to choose for your bed linen, we advise you to opt for beige, white, taupe, or champagne! By the way, you can currently benefit from a -25% discount on the purchase of a whole set ... It might be time to seize the opportunity to change your sheets during this fall!

We hope that this new season will be a lucky one for you, and that your home will thank us for all these precious tips!
For more advice, our team is available by phone and email to help you with your purchases.