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les sueurs nocturnes

How to relieve night sweats?

It's hard to sleep soundly when night sweats take hold of you... But first of all, what are night sweats? Whether a one-time or recurring phenomenon, the term "night sweats" is used when a man or woman sweats excessively while sleeping. This often leads to waking up suddenly, in wet clothes and wet sheets.

But what causes night sweats?

As you can imagine, sweating during the day is normal. But sweating at night is far less common than the previous fact, since the sweat glands are normally at rest at night.
So what causes excessive nighttime sweating? First of all, it could well be that the environment, which is your bedroom, is not conducive to sleep. Indeed, the temperature of your room could be too high or on the contrary too cold, soliciting the help of your body to warm you up for example. The comforter, as well as synthetic or fleece clothing, are also "aggravating" elements.

Stress, post-traumatic or not, as well as nightmares also lead to night sweating. As well as a bad diet (alcohol consumption, too spicy or too fatty foods), hormonal disorders (cycle change, pregnancy, menopause, hypothyroidism), certain medications, or even sleep or digestion disorders (gastro-esophageal reflux).

Other serious pathological causes can also explain these excessive night sweats, such as sleep apnea (which manifests itself by a prolonged stop of breathing), or restless legs syndrome (which manifests itself by repeated leg movements during the night). Tuberculosis, infectious endocarditis or certain types of cancer can also be responsible for these nocturnal hot flashes. It goes without saying that night sweats should be taken seriously if they are frequent and significant. If in doubt, we encourage you to consult a specialist.

What are the consequences of this nocturnal disorder?

First, daytime fatigue! By waking up frequently and suddenly during the night, your sleep starts to progressively deteriorate, causing tiredness during the day. And fatigue means inattention, inability to concentrate, to memorize, or to be in a good mood!

Other nocturnal consequences linked to this disorder are also to be taken into account: you will often be soaked when you wake up in the middle of the night, which will make you want to clean yourself. This action will cause your body to wake up and have difficulty going back to sleep. Shame may also overwhelm you, as well as incomprehension and a desire to put off going to bed. Your sleep cycle will be disrupted.

Treatments to relieve night sweats

In the case of a hormonal problem, such as menopause or thyroid, medication may be prescribed to block the production of hormones in the thyroid gland or to limit the effects of menopause. It will be important to discuss the risk/benefit balance with a specialist.

The option of homeopathy could also be considered. Lachesis Mutus venom granule is a great ally in combating excessive night sweats, especially when these are caused by menopause. Other types of homeopathy may be recommended, depending on the advice of your doctor.

How to relieve night sweats more simply?

Depending on the frequency and intensity of these symptoms, we invite you to consult a specialist to establish a diagnosis. You can then turn to your general practitioner to take charge. A treatment, as mentioned above, can be prescribed depending on the cause.

Relaxation exercises and meditation could be beneficial, as well as stopping certain foods. You can also consult a naturopath or a sophrologist if you feel like it. To relax and meditate, we can recommend the "Mind" Morphée

In general, your lifestyle should be monitored and regulated. We advise you to choose high quality sheets made of natural fibers like washed linen. This type of bedding has the advantage of staying fresh all year round and being durable.
Our washed linen
is by the way the best you can find on the market, at the best price! This advice also applies to the choice of your pajamas. A temperature of 19/20°C is highly recommended to fall asleep properly. Concerning your diet, choose soft foods, rich in minerals and omega-3. This type of food will allow you to balance your nervous system and your hormones.

To continue with more natural solutions, phytotherapy and aromatherapy could be very useful! Black cohosh, for example, is a very effective remedy for night sweats, as is chaste tree or evening primrose. In terms of essential oils, peppermint, marjoram or niaouli can relieve your pain with the help of a diffuser or by taking it orally, depending on the advice of a specialist.

From a relaxation point of view, it could be beneficial for you to write down your thoughts in a notebook every night, in order to release the pressure. Relaxing herbal teas also exist. You can find recipes on our Pinterest.
In case of too much stress or permanent anxiety, we also encourage you to consult a specialist in the field of psychology, in order to work on these disorders that can sometimes make our lives difficult. Your sleep may improve as a result of these sessions!

In the event of a heat wave, here are some tips on how to sweat less and sleep well at night.