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Comment choisir un oreiller de qualité ?

How to choose a quality pillow?

If you've been looking for a new pillow recently, you know how complicated it can be. Between memory foam, filling, square or rectangular... You're spoilt for choice and that's not always a good thing. But La Chambre is here to help you: discover our guide on how to choose a pillow, to help you find a quality pillow and offer you nights of unequalled comfort.

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We love each other like we leave each other

A pillow is very important. Because without a quality pillow, you might have trouble falling asleep or wake up with neck pain. Because we all need a good pillow to read or to watch the latest episode of our favourite series. Some people don't go on holiday without their favourite pillow (it happens to the best of us)... All this to say that it can be difficult to accept that your pillow has lived a long time and that it has to go.

If you change your mattress every eight years (on average), a pillow has a much shorter lifespan: it is recommended to replace it every 18 months (memory foam pillows are more resistant and can last for three years).

Not sure if your pillow is ready to go? Ask yourself these questions: Is it stained? Does it smell good? Is it torn? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you know what you need to do. And if your pillow doesn't look like much and has trouble returning to its original shape when you fold it, it's really time to move on.

comment choisir un oreiller de qualité

Staying put

Now you're ready to say goodbye to your old pillow. But did you know that the position in which you sleep plays an important role in choosing a new one? The position of your head on the pillow will also determine the alignment of your shoulders, hips and back - not bad for something so often neglected!

¤ You sleep on your side.
To maintain good posture and a well-aligned spine, you'll need a firmer, thicker pillow. In this position, your back is under more pressure; the idea? to fill the potential gap between your neck and shoulder, and give you the support you need.
¤ You sleep on your stomach
You may know this, but experts advise avoiding this position as it puts a lot of pressure on your back and spine. If you find it difficult to change position, flat, extra soft pillows are best. Your head should be as close to the mattress as possible to respect the natural alignment of your spine.
¤ You sleep on your back
The "medium" pillow is for you. Not too firm, not too soft, not too thick, not too flat. Once again, the important thing is to respect the natural alignment of the spine.

Background and shape

One more step and you will have found the perfect pillow. Natural or synthetic? This is the big question when choosing the composition of a quality pillow. The two fillings have different properties: it's up to you to determine your priorities.

¤ Synthetic pillows are usually filled with polyester fibre which is easy to care for (it's machine washable) and inexpensive. The synthetic pillow is a little less breathable, but is often treated against dust mites to prevent any allergies.

You have probably heard of memory foam pillows, another type of synthetic pillow that is becoming increasingly popular with sleepers. Ideal for optimal support, this material is less obvious to maintain (it is not machine washable).

¤ Natural: when we think of a soft pillow, we often think of feathers, feathers or goose or duck down. These natural pillows offer very interesting thermal properties and ensure optimal comfort all year round. A little less easy to maintain, they are also more expensive.

And the pillowcase in all this?

That's it, you've found the ideal model. All you have to do is offer him a case that will provide him with all the protection he needs. The La Chambre pillowcases have been designed for this. Each pillowcase is equipped with an envelope closure for a pillow that stays in place even if your nights are restless. Rectangle or square? The choice is yours. Treat yourself to the elegance of a night in a palace with our satin pillowcases or choose the comfort of our cotton percale. As summer approaches, our washed linen pillowcases are pleasantly cool (and their thermo-regulating properties make them ideal for the coldest nights). All you have to do is choose a colour from our vast palette of chic shades and lay your head on your new BFF. You've earned it.