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How to choose your new La Petite Chambre bed set

As you may know, La Chambre has just launched a new collection of bed linen for children: the Petite Chambre. Since the beginning of our adventure, we dreamed of giving carte blanche (or almost) to an artist and we are very happy to present you the fruit of this collaboration. The Parisian illustrator Camille de Cussac has given free rein to her imagination to create four sets, each more fun than the last, which should seduce all children (and their parents!). Discover today our little guide to help you choose the ideal set for your child.

An elephant, that's very deceiving

Camille de Cussac loves the quirky colours she creates with children's markers. Her universe is found in the children's books she regularly illustrates and this big red elephant has been following her for years. She revisits it here by adding a delicate feather in the trunk and a very cute little blue mouse on the pillowcase of the set. Ideal to add a touch of colour to a neutral coloured bedroom or for fans of red, this elephant set should delight the most dreamy children and those who will feel reassured by the protection of this delicate pachyderm.

Parure de lit elephant

The elegance of hedgehogs

Despite their spines, hedgehogs are still really cute. Especially when they are drawn by Camille de Cussac in incomparably soft colours and when they dress up your children's bed. The three friends climb on each other to try to wake up their sleeping friend on the pillow. This set will be perfect for fans of original colors and the most naughty of your children who will love to join the hedgehog troop for new adventures.

Parure de lit herisson

Paris, pari que je te quitte (ou pas)

Camille paints touching and amusing portraits of the world around her. She loves to sit on a terrace in the capital to observe the passing of time and the little moments of everyday life. That's why she is particularly fond of drawings that are full of all kinds of details and why this Parisian style is her favourite. Little travellers in love with the capital or city dwellers in search of adventure will love getting lost in the maze of Paris' famous monuments (from the Eiffel Tower to the Sacré Coeur) and discovering (or recognising) all those everyday things so emblematic of the city. They can enjoy a coffee on a terrace, a trip on the metro or a wild ride on the carousel. This set will appeal to all little adventurers and will make an ideal gift for children who are fans of the capital.

parure de lit paris

In triple gallop

We don't know about you, but our children have a passion for horses. So to pay tribute to them and because we know they are far from being the only ones, we asked Camille to put this proud animal in the spotlight on one of the Little Room sets. And with her love for colors and her sense of detail, she created a set that we love and that will seduce children who like to put color in their room's decoration and all the budding horsemen. And the two small details to crunch? A carrot drawn on the pillowcase and a beautiful unicorn who slipped into the herd.

parure de lit cheval

And to make everyone agree

All our Little Room sets hide a well-kept secret: a little dino drawn on the fitted sheet accompanied by an AU DODO in blue. The idea? To offer a secret grigri to the little ones to help them face their night fears and find sleep like adults (and without necessarily calling their parents too often...).

linge de lit dinosaur