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How to create a sleeping area in a studio?

A first address in your name, a small rent with a view on the roofs, a place to live and focus on the essentials... Building your nest in the city often implies counting the square meters. And redefining what a room means. Without a door through which no one can enter without knocking, or a wall to mark the passage from one moment to another of the day, how to find this space to oneself? We think it's a matter of impressions, not just work and partitions. These 8 ideas should prove it.

A dual-purpose piece of furniture

The best option for structuring space without wasting space? Use a piece of furniture as a wall. A wall on which you can do more than just hang pictures and put up shelves. We love the idea of an open bookcase that lets the light in. We dress it up with our books, plants, photos, candles, and even a bedside lamp near the bed, to create a room that reflects our image. A tall chest of drawers provides extra storage and also helps us to move from day to night. Finally, if our headboard is not placed against a wall, we can use it as a partition and why not, install a desk at the back. It will be more tempting to relocate your workspace directly on the duvet, but who said it was a problem?

A little brushwork

In a very small space, suggesting the addition of a piece of furniture or a partition is almost like proposing to push the walls. Fortunately, you can count on paint to create another room by optical effect, without sacrificing precious square meters. If the bed is placed in a corner, painting the portions of the wall that surround it in a tone a little darker than the rest of the room creates a visual break, a cocoon where it will be good to spend the night.

A glass roof to play with light

Perhaps it is because La Chambre was born in Paris that we have a soft spot for these glass panels that let the light circulate freely. Wooden joints bring a little warmth, while metal gives the room a workshop feel. For the glazing, single or double, we play on the blur and the degree of opacity to create just the right amount of intimacy.

A mezzanine to gain height

If the "beautiful height under ceiling" is so popular, it is perhaps because it offers the opportunity to add a room (or almost) in his studio. As for the glass roof, building a mezzanine involves work. But if you plan to spend time there, raising your bed a few meters above the ground can make all the difference. You won't feel like you're living in your bedroom or sleeping in your kitchen. The square meters gained will be put to good use with the installation of new storage, the installation of a desk corner, or just the pleasure of saying that you breathe.

Curtains on the ceiling

Hanging around the bed, they watch over us while we sleep and protect our bed from view during the day. The more you choose to black out the curtains, the more they give the impression of having changed room. But to preserve the luminosity and the feeling of space in its studio, one chooses preferably a fine fabric for its curtains: a cotton veiling to keep a little transparency or linen with the refined and contemporary aesthetic. In the same spirit, a canopy bed has the advantage of not having to install rods or wires. Practical if you don't have the owner's permission to drill a few holes in the ceiling.

A sliding door

No, it's not just for the closet. The sliding door is still the best option to create a real separation in the space while using a minimum of space. The choice of panels can transform the atmosphere of the studio: raw or varnished solid wood, glass, or why not shōji, wood and paper panels, as in traditional Japanese houses?

A contemporary folding screen

Put up, unfold, it's installed. It's hard to find a simpler way than a folding screen, to create the bedroom area of your dreams without spending too much time on it. The choice is no longer limited to flowery fabric on a wooden frame, like the one in Brigitte Bardot's bedroom in The Truth. The diversity of shapes and materials brings a lot of modernity to this retro object.

A wall of plants

Bringing a bit of nature into your urban den also allows you to shelter your bed without partitioning the space too much. Hiding behind the large leaves of a fig tree, lining up a few pots of ficus or filling a shelf with cacti (not too close to the bed) and succulents will give the impression of falling asleep in a small indoor garden.

And if you're running out of room in your new bedroom, it's always a good idea to do a little sorting and tidying. Donate those sheets you no longer use to Emmausor try out a a method And remember to remove something from the room every time you buy something new.