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How to help your child sleep

After giving you advice on how to fight insomnia with our natural remedies, we wanted to address an equally essential theme today: the sleep of the little ones. Back to school, upheavals linked to Covid... they too can have trouble (re)finding a regular sleep rhythm. Discover here our tips and tricks to help your child sleep, and the announcement of a great new product from La Chambre!

The benefits of a routine

After the summer and nearly six months away from the classroom, your children may have adopted a slightly different sleep pattern. Don't panic, children usually adapt quite well to the establishment of a daily routine and everything should return to normal quickly. Try as much as possible to stick to a schedule that doesn't vary (or very little) each night: baths, dinner, reading, lights out... It's up to you to find the winning combination for your children and get them used to following it each night. Remember, however, that each child has his own rhythm - if your youngest has trouble going to bed at the desired time, it may be that it doesn't match his biological clock. Don't hesitate to look for signs of fatigue (yawning, eye rubbing) and adjust the bedtime schedule.

The minimalist approach

We recently shared our tips for preparing your children's bedroom for the start of the new school year, but decor can also play an essential role in helping the little ones fall asleep. Our advice? Adopt a minimalist decor and don't fill the room and bed with objects that could worry them when the lights are off (you probably remember those gigantic shadows that terrified you when you were younger...) The ideal? A comforter, a pacifier and a glass/bottle of water nearby if needed: and there you go. Don't hesitate to cover them up, but avoid tucking them in too much: they should be able to move freely.

A climate of trust

Remember your younger years and certain night terrors that were very difficult to calm: a monster under the bed, a demon in the closet... Children have a fertile imagination and the night can be a source of anxiety. If they often wake up at night, listen to their fears and soothe them by taking them seriously (by looking under the bed or in the closet if they think they have seen something). If they're afraid of the dark, a nightlight is still the way to go, but we recommend finding a red-light nightlight -- contrary to popular belief, blue light can disrupt the production of the famous sleep hormone, melatonin.

Bathing before dinner

If they're old enough to take a bath every day, try to schedule it an hour or two before bedtime. Be careful with the temperature: the water should be lukewarm, not too hot. Why? Your body temperature changes with the hours of the day and sends a signal - when you go to sleep, your body temperature drops, which causes melatonin production to increase (again). By taking a bath before bedtime, you will artificially increase their body temperature and it will then gradually decrease sending the right signal to the brain: sleepy time!

A little secret ritual before bedtime

For some, it's a pyjama with magical powers, for others, it's a blanket without which they can't fall asleep. All children like to be able to cling to an object to fight against possible anxieties (and separation from their parents). This fall, La Chambre has set itself a new challenge: to offer you a collection dedicated to children, the Petite Chambre. We trusted an artist, Camille de Cussac, and gave her free rein to offer us a collection that is both playful and elegant. We wanted to add a little secret touch to her collection: each fitted sheet is adorned with a little hidden dinosaur that we hope will become your children's nighttime companion. At the slightest worry, the little dino will be at their side to comfort them. We tested it on our last one: guaranteed success!