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Dernier changement d'heure : nos conseils pour s'y préparer

Latest time change: our tips for getting ready

Come on, only one more time! This Saturday, we're switching to daylight saving time one last time and gaining an hour of sleep in the process. So yes, it's going to get darker earlier (and it's not going to get any better), but the time change can go smoothly. Follow these easy tips to avoid the blues on the last Sunday in October.

What exactly is the time change?


Since 1974 under Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, France has changed time twice a year. And from the last Sunday in March 2021, our country will remain on summer time once and for all. No more endless conversations about "but do we gain or lose an hour this time?" Yet the time change had its reasons for being, the idea being to reduce electricity consumption linked to lighting by trying to match the hours of sunshine as closely as possible. Except that the French tend to be more active at the end of the day than in the early morning, and this change to winter time no longer made much sense.

Disrupted biological clock


Until 2021, the clocks will therefore go back one hour on Saturday night (at exactly three o'clock in the morning). If we tend to forget it more and more with our smartphones and other connected devices that change time for us, our body feels the effects of this slight time shift and it is not uncommon to feel more tired, grumpy or simply out of place for about eight days. The good news? Our bodies are better able to handle the switch to daylight saving time because it's easier to get used to the extra hour of sleep (understandably). The best thing to do to adjust your biological clock as quickly as possible is to change time on Saturday night and get in line with the new schedule right away, even if it means using a natural sleep remedy. Don't hesitate to go to bed a little later on Friday if possible so that you can wake up at a more or less usual time without feeling a big shift.

In the sun


Time change or not, our bodies can have a hard time getting used to the end of autumn and the arrival of winter. This year in particular, fickle weather and the return of pandemic restrictions can make the transition to shorter days more difficult. If you have less energy and low morale, don't hesitate to turn to light therapy. As we know, sunlight has a positive effect on the body and it's easy to find yourself with a vitamin D deficiency as soon as the cold season returns. Ask your GP for advice and he or she will be able to recommend a suitable medical centre (or prescribe vitamin D) or install a lamp in your bedroom for a little light bath when you wake up, when it is still dark outside. Good mood guaranteed!

And what about the children?


We were telling you about an hour of sleep gained this weekend, but this is surely less true if you have young children... From six months, babies have a more or less regulated sleep rhythm and this time change can affect their mood, their appetite and their sleep. As with adults, try to anticipate the time change by shifting their bedtime and meals as much as possible (even if it's only 15 or 20 minutes) from Thursday or Friday evening. Don't hesitate to "cheat" a little with the light in his room by plunging him into the dark at the desired time so that his biological clock is in line with these new times. If you have invested in a light lamp for yourself, you can use it in your children's room in the morning to wake them up gradually (or invest in a light alarm clock designed for them). And good news, La Chambre has a BIG surprise in store to help them get through those long winter nights. See you on November 4 to find out more!

Taking care of yourself


Because yes, winter is not just a depressing season. And the government won't say otherwise... Let's have TV or novel marathons under the duvet, evenings by the fire and good pumpkin soups - or big raclettes, but we'll try to eat them at breakfast so we don't spend hours digesting instead of sleeping. We're planning to watch the first few episodes of Ten Percent before slipping into our ultra-soft satin sheets (you can order your La Chambre set here) to make the most of this last shift to winter time.