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Chambre Feng Shui : Comment orienter son lit ?

Feng Shui bedroom: How to orient your bed?

Our home, and more particularly our bedroom, should be a place where we feel serene and happy. To do this, many processes exist, such as: choosing the right sofa and bed, opting for quality sheets, or even buying decorative objects that suit us. But did you know that the energy circulating in your rooms creates a favorable atmosphere, or not, for your well-being within your cocoon?

What is Feng Shui?

Coming straight from China, Feng Shui is a method from the field of interior decoration. Intended to teach us a way to properly arrange each room of a house or an apartment, Feng Shui bases its knowledge on the circulation of energies within a place of life. Following the application of this method, our life can be seen to be pleasantly improved, without even making additional efforts. Relationships could be better, as well as health and prosperity within the household.

How does Feng Shui work?

Feng Shui bases its concept on several foundations:

  • The Chi, or also called, the vital energy: This energy is in no way measurable, since it is limitless. It circulates within your body, but also in your mind, and the world in general.
  • Yin and Yang: They represent the two sides of the same world. They represent balance. To harmonize your interior, you will have to juggle the balance of the two forces. For example, you can opt for: a wooden cabinet (Yang), and a carpet (Yin).
  • The Five Elements: These are wood, fire, water, metal, and earth. They tell us about the flow of vital energy and the kind of energy that surrounds us. These five elements are interdependent.
  • The Pa Kua, or also called, the 9 areas: Finally, the Pa Kua is a "magic square" in which each of the nine boxes represents an area of your life.

As you will have understood, each piece will have to follow a very specific organization. For example, you will have to pay attention to the orientation of the furniture, the presence or absence of certain objects, the plants, or even the choice of colors used (yes… Colors affect your mindset!). If you take the field of plants, for example, you will have to pay attention to their properties. Orchids will be welcome in your interior, while cacti or flowers with thorns should be avoided.

Playing with lighting, mirrors, or even paintings and photos, is also part of Feng Shui practices.
In order to achieve a good placement, and a good circulation of energies, this practice must be done in coherence with your values and your needs.

How to place your bed using Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a very complex and broad art of living in knowledge. That's why today we're only going to focus on the bedroom, and the orientation of the bed.
But first of all, why orient your bed correctly? Well, simply to have a good night's sleep!

For this, it will be essential to move your bed as far away as possible from the windows of your room, as well as from the door. It is also preferable that the head of the bed is positioned against a wall, as well as in the middle of the latter. The sides of the bed must be off the walls. In Feng Shui, this way of placing the bed means that a place beside you is available in your life. If possible, opt for a box spring at a minimum height of 20cm from the ground.

Regarding the orientation, favor the North or East side of your room. A north bed will make your sleep deeper. A bed in the East will allow you to get up with more desire, and make the morning easier! Banish the west, which would favor the appearance of bad energies (as well as procrastination!) in your room.

How to improve your bedroom with Feng Shui?

The bedroom is the place where we mainly recharge our batteries, night after night. It is therefore very important that good energies circulate there!

First, install little furniture. A less congested room allows you to have a clear and serene mind. Next, try to keep a tidy room. Clutter is incompatible with Feng Shui! In terms of lighting, favor lamps whose brightness you can adjust. This will allow you to gauge the intensity, in order to bring calm and rest to this place.

Finally, regarding the decoration, prioritize Yin elements, that is to say soft, comfortable, and comforting. This will create an atmosphere conducive to restful sleep. By the way, avoid installing any electronic device in your bedroom, and avoid mirrors in front of your bed. Bright lights and colors should also be banned from your bedroom, as well as any trace of work!

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