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These Netflix series we loved watching in 2019

Turn off the light. Choose the most comfortable corner of the sofa (or bed). Press play. We said we'd only watch one episode, but after three, we still hadn't had enough. So we continued. Here are the 6 series that captivated us in 2019.

Stranger Things

Fancy a little trip through time and space? Head to 1983 on the other side of the Atlantic, in the state of Indiana. The inhabitants of the town of Hawkins learn of the strange disappearance of 12-year-old Will Byers. The police immediately launch a search for him. His friends Dustin, Mike and Lucas are not left out. A young girl named Eleven, supernatural creatures, a government lab with questionable activities... The leads to Will seem to lead to a terrifying world.

To be seen for: scaring yourself, just right. And because the 80's aesthetic is always worth a look.

3 seasons available. A 4th season is scheduled for 2020.

Dear White People

It only takes one night to cause trouble on the Winchester campus. In this prestigious (and fictional) American university, racial tensions remain high. They are at the heart of the Dear White People radio show hosted by Samantha White, a mixed-race student. The show did not go down well with white students, especially the staff of the satirical magazine Pastiche. She decided to make fun of it by organizing Dear Black People, a party where guests were encouraged to dress up as African-American personalities. The result? Many cases of blackface that will not escape the black students of Winchester. We let you discover the rest.

To be seen for: asking the right questions about equality and identity, thanks to a series where clichés are avoided with great accuracy.

3 seasons available. A 4th season is planned for 2020.

La Casa de Papel

In Madrid, a robbery is being planned. The Professor, played by Álvaro Morte, surrounds himself with eight other criminals with aliases found all over the world: Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Stockholm, Nairobi, Lisbon, Rio and Denver. Their objective? To rob the National Currency and Stamp Factory, taking its employees hostage, but without causing any casualties during the operation. Are you ready to join their team and pull off the biggest heist in history? Our screen name will be Paris. How about you?

What to watch for: Brush up on your Spanish with some fascinating characters. And to get Bella Ciao (back) in your head.

3 seasons available. A 4th season is planned for 2020.


One little lie leads to a second, then a third... We know the rest. That's how it starts in Mytho. Except for one detail: the lie is much, much bigger. Elvira, played with talent by Marina Hands, is as devoted to her family as she is inconsiderate of her own. Until the day she tells her husband Patrick the terrible news: she has a tumor. A fictitious tumor, which allows her to find the attention and love she has been deprived of for so long. A tumour that will take up far too much space.

To be seen for: the funny situations caused by Elvira's lies, to which we get attached very quickly.

1 season available.

Sex Education

When Otis, the son of a famous sexologist, finds himself a confidant of Adam, the school's terror, about his ejaculation problems, the opportunity seems too good for Maeve. The financially strapped high schooler suggests that they start a sexology practice together for the students of Moordale. Business takes off without delay, perhaps a little too quickly for Otis... Season 2 arrives in January 2020, so watch season 1 quickly if you haven't already.

To see for: relive his high school years in English, and with a lot of humor on the program.

1 season available. A 2nd season is planned for 2020.

The Crown

We already know them, the characters of The Crown. We even know their history since it is that of the British royal family. And yet, we can never resist the idea of discovering the backstage. And to wonder if fiction exceeds reality. From her accession to the throne to the present day, The Crown tells us about the reign of Elizabeth II, documented and reinterpreted by Peter Morgan, the series creator. The subject is not new, but the success is there, so much so that Netflix did not hesitate to spend more than 140 million euros to produce season 1. A record that makes it one of the most expensive series in history, ahead of Game of Thrones, for a result that exceeds all our expectations.

To see for: rediscover the history of a royal family that continues to fascinate the French public.

3 seasons available. A 4th season is scheduled for 2020.

And if you are criticized for spending too much time in bed in front of Netflix, you can answer that it's because of your new finery... Or if you want more series tips, it's over here.