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Canicule et sommeil : comment bien dormir ?

How to get a good night's sleep on a hot summer night?

Summer... We are so excited about it! But also a little anxious about the hot, sleepless nights ahead... What if today we gave you some solutions to sleep better during the summer nights, so you won't hate sleeping in the summer anymore?

Protecting the windows

To sleep well at night, the secret is to prepare the ground during the day. First, we recommend investing in light-colored curtains or shutters to protect your room. But you are probably wondering why we tell you that they must be light colored ... Simply because a white curtain will reflect the sun's rays, while a black curtain will absorb the rays and warm the room! It is therefore better to choose the option of white to keep a cool room at all times. But don't forget to open your shutters again after dark! To keep the room cool, you can also hang wet towels or sheets at your windows.

No more electrical appliances

As you can imagine, we advise you to turn off your electrical appliances in your room. And if we could be sincere, we advise you to remove all of them from your room, in summer and winter! Creating additional heat and waves often harmful to the occupants of the room, electrical appliances are to be banned as much as possible from your bedroom.

Adapted fabrics

Whether it's for your bed linen or your clothes, we suggest you choose the star material of summer, which is none other than linen. Thermoregulating, it adapts perfectly to your body temperature and allows you to keep your sheets cool despite the heat. Our 100% French washed linen set will be your best ally for a better sleep! By the way, linen also limits the proliferation of bacteria... This is perfect when you know that the season sweats! Our range of flat sheets will also be essential to replace your too warm comforter covers during those eventful nights. These come in three materials: washed linen, cotton percale and cotton sateen. If you want fresh sheets but also soft and respectful of your sensitive skin, we recommend percale sheets. Our percale range will delight you thanks to the quality of its threads and its OEKO-TEX certified cotton!

A little bit of greenery

Plants... Perfect for making wonderful decorations and improving your sleep, they will also keep the room fresh by bringing moisture to the room! To help you out, we've put together a short list of the best plants for your bedroom: palms, aloe vera, ficus elastica, fern, and sansevieria.

Quick tips

Finally, for the less patient, you can also opt for the electric fan in front of which you place a bottle of frozen water... Immediate effects guaranteed! But be careful not to catch a cold. And above all! Don't take an ice-cold shower before going to sleep. This would cause your body to need to warm up and increase its body temperature. This is also dangerous for your health if the action is not done gradually.

For the house

In a global way, you can apply these tips to your entire house. We encourage you to integrate plants in your interior, light curtains, a flat sheet in percale or linen to your sofa, or an air conditioning for the luckiest ones! You can also create drafts by strategically opening some of the windows in your home. For cooler days in the summer and warmer nights in the winter, it is also recommended that you check the thermal insulation of your living space. For more tips, visit our article on the heat wave!